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Hello Families,

Welcome to Tuesday in babies 3.

Our morning began outside in our yard with our friends from Babies 2. We enjoyed exploring our outside environment. Augie, Halle and Avery were playing peek a boo behind the easel with each other and their educators, sharing laughter and joy together.  Peyton, Charlie, and Avery were playing together, taking turns in the pram. while of them was pushing the pram the other was running for the ball and returning it. This was very cute to watch as they were very inclusive with one another. They are becoming so much more socially aware and have built such strong friendships. Its so beautiful to see. Liz was a very busy bee today, she loved the soft blocks and the slide.

Our friend Luna arrived as we sat down for our morning tea, we all welcomed Luna with cuddles, Augie saying “hi” to his friend.

Just as we cleaned up Valencia arrived and gave miss Mel lots of cuddles, perfect timing for our art activity.

Today we are celebrating Earth Day. Symbols used by people to describe Earth Day include an image or drawing of planet earth, a tree, a flower, leaves, or the recycling symbol. Colours used for Earth Day include natural colours such as green, brown, or blue. The Earth Flag, which was designed by John McConnell, has been described as a “flag for all people.”

For today’s Earth Day activity Miss Melinda brought in a blue lantern for our little friends to create their very own planet earth. We used green paint on both their hands. Sitting around the table together we took turns pressing our green handprints onto the lantern to represent our earth. Augie said “Oh cold” as Miss Shae painted his hands. Halle said “wow” as her handprint touch the lantern. Liz wanted more paint saying “more, more” Avery was so excited holding her hand out to let her educators know it was her turn. Peyton kept squishing the paint between her fingers, as did Valencia. Charlie repeated “Cha Cha, Cha, Cha” referring to herself. Luna was having more fun exploring the room and wasn’t very interested in having her hands painted today.

After we cleaned up, we enjoyed a short play inside with toys of choice before heading back outside to explore.

It wasn’t long before it was time to clean up and wash our hands, ready for our yummy lunch. Miss Mel put on some soft music as we all laid down on our beds and drifted off for a nice long nap.

We have had a lovely day today. Thank you, Miss Shae, for visiting. We love exploring with you.

See you all again very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Shae xxxxx