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Hello families,

Welcome to our day in babies 3.

We had a small class of only four today. Our morning began in Babies 2 with our friends. We had lots of fun exploring all the different toys. Liz loved home corner and kept placing different items into the microwave, opening and closing the door. Peyton loves the cuddly toy lamas and was walking around with one under each arm. Charlie played peek a boo with miss Mel through the curtain. sharing giggles with her educator. Avery sat with the ring stacker and using her fine motor skills began to place one ring on top of the other. Soon Avery, Charlie and Peyton joined Liz in home corner engaging in play. Avery and Charlie had a little cuddle on the cushions, they cuddled until they toppled over, laughing so hard. They thought it was so funny. Charlie then pretended to pat Avery to sleep saying “shh, shh”.

Miss Danica arrived arrived and we all headed over to our room for morning tea, we washed our hands and cleaned up. Miss Danica read the touch and feel Hungry Caterpillar story while we waited.

After morning tea we enjoyed toys of choice. Charlie was still interested in the Hungry Caterpillar story so Miss Lara continued to read. Charlie loved feeling all the different textures in the book.  Liz played in home corner while Avery sat role playing with the baby dolls, feeding them, cuddling them and brushing the dolls hair. Charlie then joined in the fun. Peyton also sat looking through the caterpillar book along with Avery watching as Peyton turned the pages.

It was time to stretch our legs outside and explore. We popped our hats and sunscreen on and ventured out to explore. Charlie and Avery enjoyed taking turns on the slide while Liz and Peyton decided they would do some mowing.

We have had a lovely day in babies 3. We hope all our families have had a great day too.

See you all very soon.

Miss Mel and Miss Danica xx