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Hello families, welcome to Tuesday in Babies 3,

This morning we welcomed Isla, Valencia, Matthew, Bella, Franka, Jhye, Dorijan and Adeleine with lots of cuddles as they settled into their learning environment. Today Dorijan and Franka joined us for another fun transition day.

Our morning began in our yard. The sandpit was very popular, Franka, Isla, Bella, Valencia and Matthew enjoyed the sand through their fingers, Isla was determined to fill her bucket full of sand. Matthew and Valencia were sharing a bucket and filling it up together using the spades. Franka was also filling up a bucket, Miss Otavia showed Franka to flip in upside down to make a sandcastle. Franka also enjoyed pushing the digger through the sand. Jhye was riding the bikes around the yard and practicing his climbing skills on the wooden bridge. Isla soon joined Jhye and they began bouncing on the bridge and giggling. Adeleine was kicking the ball around the yard and Dorijan was very busy exploring his new outside environment.

We all sat on the mat outside with Miss Otavia as it was time for morning tea. We sung ‘Bee, bee bumble bee”. As we said or tried our very best to say our names, we stood up one at a time to wash our hands and sit down for morning tea, today we had banana split and fresh fruit

Today Winston began his day over in Toddlers 1 and we welcomed Dorijan and Franka for fun water play transition day!  Dorijan and Franka are settling into their new learning environment so well and are beginning to form bonds with their new educators and friends.

After morning tea, we explored our room with toys of choice. Adeleine, Valencia and Bella were role-playing in-home corner. Playing with the toy food and serving it up on plates. Dorijan was giggling as he peeked through the sensory blocks, Miss Otavia a sked Dorijan what colour he could see, he looked up and smiled. Miss Otavia replied, “Its red” Bella joined in to and it became a game of peek a boo. Soon all our friends joined in, learning our colours through play.

This week to help our new friends feel safe secure and supported we planned a fun week of water play activities. Today Miss Otavia brought over the blue sensory tub filled with colourful balls. We were all very excited as we watched Miss Otavia fill the tub with water.

After finding our hats and applying sunscreen we all rushed outside eager to engage in play. Isla was laughing as she was swishing the cold water around the tub. There was lots of splashing and fun as all our friends splashed about and began throwing the balls out of the tub and across the yard. Dorijan found a pink boat he decided to place into the water he then used the boat as a scoop, scooping up the water and tipping int out of the tub.  Bella and Valencia occasionally placed their fingers in their mouth tasting the cold water. As our friends were engaged in play, we named the colours of the balls they were holding. Bella said “purple” and “green”, Valencia named all the colours. Jhye and Franka were happier exploring the yard during the activity. Jhye had a feel of the water however kicking the ball was way more fun. Franka headed back over to the sandpit.

Playing with water helps develop your child’s fine and gross motor skills. Splashing about in water and pouring, has a huge impact on your child’s hand-eye coordination.

It was time to get all dry and wash our hands for lunch and rest time. We sat on the mat outside. Miss Mel began to sing our transition song “bumble bee” s to take turns meeting Miss Danica in the bathroom where she was waiting to assist us in changing our clothes and washing our hands. We then walked over and sat at the table for our yummy lunch, today we enjoyed pizza rolls and fresh salad.

After we finished our lunch some of us enjoyed our bottles on the pillows before laying on our mattress, drifting off to sleep to some soft relaxing music.

Our afternoon play was child led with outdoor experiences.

This week to help our new friends settling into their new learning environment we have planned a week of fun water-based activities. We are asking if our parents don’t mind packing a few extra clothes in their bag this week so we can make sure they stay nice and dry.😊 Thank you.

See you all very soon,

Miss Melinda and Miss Otavia. xxxx