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Hello friends and family of babies 3, welcome to our Friday.

We started this beautiful sunny day exploring our backyard as usual. We played in the sandpit, sang “row row your boat” while playing in the see-saw, assembled the giant blocks, pushed carts, ran everywhere, climbed and laughed a lot. Halle showed attention and care when feeding a doll a bottle after seeing a baby bottle-fed. Landem really enjoyed riding the cow`s tricycle. And Luna arrived looking like a famous artist, stylish with her sunglasses.

When Valencia arrived we went to our room where we had a pretend breakfast together. Liz and Halle loved serving food to Miss Nessa. Valencia was very enchanted with the rocket and kept spinning it in the air making airplane sounds. Luna and Landem really enjoyed playing with the magnetic shapes. Both are also very fond of books. Very nice to see some shared interests.

After following our breakfast routine, it was time to do some dancing. Our friends from babies 2 come join us to shake our bodies when the dance teacher arrived. She not only put some of our favourite songs to play, but also used some colorful circles to teach us about shapes and about colours, at the same time we were having fun and exercising. Isn`t that great?

For group activity today we had time for some art. Our friend Adelaine joined us and soon we went together to use crayons to color some geometric figures: triangle, square and circle. Miss Vanessa showed us how to make a triangle of sticks and let us choose the color we would like to use. With the help of Miss Lara and Miss Vanessa we stick some colorful popsicle sticks in our design, forming a triangle. It`s so beautiful. Valencia had no troubles at all in using the glue tube. Landem showed great fine motor skills while sticking the popsicle sticks. Luna loved to feel the sticks and to glue then, since sensory things are always her favourites. Liz got so excited drawing since is one of her favourite things as well.  And Halle loved everything from the drawing as the gluing.

Children need many opportunities to learn about shapes. Learning to identify and understand what the different shapes are, as well as their parts are important concepts. Each day children are exposed to shapes in their environment. They need to be able to recognize shapes, verbalize what they see, and understand why they are there. As children learn each geometric concept, they will move onto the next stage of understanding. A strong knowledge of shapes is vital for learning more complex geometry concepts later. And that`s why this week theme was so important.

Finished our art work, we all helped packing away our toys, washed our hands and sat together to a delicious lunch and finally some rest.

Thank you for reading us.

Hope you have the best weekend and see you next week.

Xoxo, Miss Nessa and Miss Lara