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Welcome to our day in Babies 3,

Our morning began in Babies’ 1 yard. Halle and Peyton were first to arrive and enjoyed some climbing and quiet reading while we waited for our friends to arrive. We then welcomed Liz and Avery and headed over to our room. It was too hot to play outside so we brought the chalk board inside using water and paint brushes. This is a great way for our babies to express their emotions through painting. We all took turns using big brush strokes to cover the board. Delilah arrived and was quick to join her friends in painting.  Liz and Halle sat on the lounge together and played a game of peek a boo with Mel, they giggled as they played, it was very cute. Avery, Peyton were busy investigation the sensory blocks, looking through them and discovering all the different colours, as they held a different colour up Miss Vanessa named the colour.  Mel Put on some music and we danced all danced to B.I.N.G.O. and Baby Shark.

It was almost time for morning tea, we played our clean up song and washed our hands, today we enjoyed fresh fruit and yogurt. today we all demonstrated our self help skills by placing our own scrapes in the bin. We were so proud of you all!!!

After morning tea, we sat on the mat for group time. Miss Mel read the story “Bree becomes a butterfly” we all did really well practising our listening skills. Liz, Peyton and Halle loved the beautiful butterfly at the end and the pretty rainbow and wanted a closer look.

Celebrating International Mother Language Week today Miss Vanessa played a Brazilian song call “Laua uma  mas” which is a song about washing your hands. We listened and danced along together. We then continued our dancing with some Baby shark. Liz, Halle, Avery, and Peyton doing the actions, sharing joy and laughter together.

When Delilah arrived this morning, mum spoke about how much she is loving building blocks at home as well as at kindy, to extend on this Miss Melinda brought in the soft blocks from outside for all our friends to build towers together. We all enjoyed knocking the towers down and sitting on them. We even used our imaginations by placing the dollies on them and patting them to sleep.

Yoga time!!!! Our Yoga teacher arrived, and Halle was so excited. We all sat down together and copied the poses and stretches together. We all then danced and did the actions to “Sleeping Bunnies”.

Our friend Luna arrived just as we were cleaning up for lunch. Today we enjoyed some fish and salad for lunch. We have had such a busy day we were all very sleepy. Mel lowered the blinds and put on some relaxing music as we drifted off to sleep.

We well head outside this afternoon once it cools down a little to explore our outside environment.

We hope all our families had a lovely Monday.

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Vanessa xxxxx