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Hello Families,

We have had a wonderful day of indoor/outdoor activities.

Our morning began in with our friends in Babies 2.

We had lots of fun exploring. Halle and Liz sat with the ring stacker, Avery decided to place her toy monkey into the microwave. Avery and Halle had fun chasing each other around the room. Luna was engaged in play over in home corner and with the puzzles. Delilah arrived and it was time to head over to our room for morning tea.

After we cleaned up we split our group into two smaller groups and rotated between the indoor and outdoor activities, it was so much fun.

Miss Mel set up a sensory painting experience using cars and pink, green and white paint. Liz, Delilah and Luna were first to zoom their cars all through the paint. While Avery, Halle and Augie spent time outside. We later rotated.

Miss Jess brought the wooden obstacle course over from Babies 1 yard for our babies to climb. We also set up some water play and bubbles!! There was lots of laughter and chasing one another around the yard. It was such a warm day outside the water was nice and cool. We also opened up the sandpit, some of our friends loved digging in the sand and making sandcastles.

We then left our classroom open for our babies to choose if they wanted to play inside or outside with toys of interest, August brought the wheel barrow inside, most of our friends were happily splashing around outside.

We cleaned up and dried off ready to enjoy some lunch and a nice long nap to recharge our batteries for the afternoons activities.

This afternoon we will head back outside, Miss Mel is going to bring the bikes out so we can zoom arou9nd the yard!! beep beep!!

We hope all our families have a wonderful weekend.

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Jess xxxxx