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Hello Families, welcome to Tuesday in Babies 3,

Miss Mel welcomed Winston bright and early this morning in the toddler’s room. Winston enjoyed playing with the cars and the ride on bikes before we headed over to Babies two as we waited for more friends to arrive.

Winston headed over the to colourful blocks where he began making a tower, using his concentration Winston manipulated the blocks so they fit inside one another

Parker arrived and wandered over to home corner and picked up the pots to begin some cooking using the play food. Parker brought a pot over to Miss Mel so she could have a taste
Winston headed over the to colourful blocks where he began making a tower, using his concentration Winston manipulated the blocks so they fit inside one another

We welcomed Isla, Isla sat using her concentration skills with the sensory turtle, moving it back and forth with her fingers. Winston sat in book corner looking through the hungry caterpillar story and initiated a game of peek a boo with Mel (we have been doing this most mornings this week) Valencia and Bella gave Mel lots of cuddles

We then all ventured over to our room where Bella and Parker yelled “Shark, Shark” standing and watching eagerly as Mel fumbled around with the laptop to play our favourite song. We all danced and did the actions together

As our class was nice and settled this morning, we decided to do some sensory craft using foil and coloured paint. Scrunching some foil up into balls Valencia, Isla, Matthew, Jhye, Parker, Bella and Winston were curious and fascinated by the different texture of the foil. Miss Crystal named all the colours our friends were using. No one named any colours however Parker, Bella, Valencia, and Winston looked carefully at the colour of the scrunched-up foil and matched it to the paint on the pallet. Isla and Jhye were happily dabbing away making a beautiful masterpiece with all the different colours. Matthew arrived for the day just as we were packing away. Miss Crystal brought the paint back out for Matthew to experience this activity. He took a close look at the foil, curious of its look and feel

After we cleaned up Miss Otavia brought our musical instruments outside. Soon the Babies Three band was making their own music. We enjoyed banging away on the drums, the piano and shaking the tambourines

It was not long before we began exploring our outside environment. We all demonstrated our gross motor attempting the obstacle course of soft blocks. Using the muscles in our little arms and legs as we climbed up and over. The balls were extremely popular too. We love chasing, throwing, and catching them as we explore. The slide and see-saw were also extremely popular, our friends are learning to take turns with the encouragement from their educators. We also enjoyed pushing the mower around the yard, cutting the grass. Pushing the trucks and bus around was lots of fun as our friend’s love watching as the trucks drive past outside

Jhye arrived and gave Miss Crystal big cuddles before sitting down at the table with his friends for some yummy morning tea.

Our afternoon play was child led with some indoor / outdoor play with each friend following their interests

We have had a lovely Tuesday, we hope all our families have too.

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda, Miss Crystal and Miss Otavia xxxxx