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Hello Families, welcome to Wednesday in Babies 3,

Winston arrived bright and early this morning in the toddler’s one room. We shared lots of cuddles on arrival. Once settled Winston decided to push the trucks and cars around the room and over the ramp, looking up at Mel saying “car”. It was time to head over to Babies 2 to wait for more friends to arrive.

It was not long before Daris and Parker joined us. Daris and Winston looked through books together. Winston pointing to an owl in the book and looking up at Mel saying “bird” Daris saw a cow in the book he was looking through, saying “moo”. Daris also named the duck he could see on the following page.

Parker held up some arch shaped blocks to her eye, pretending they were telephones, babbling away having an amazing conversation with herself. Winston was role-playing in-home corner playing the pots inside the fridge.

When Valencia arrived, she sat quietly in book corner looking through assorted books.

We decided to head to our room when Landen Isla and Bella arrived. As we walked through the gate Bella said “Shark” which has become a regular dance each morning. We all danced and spun around to Baby Shark while doing the actions together. We then danced to the wiggles “Big Red Car” and did the actions to “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes””.

After our little boogie, our friends enjoyed activities and toys of interest. Isla was engaged in play over in home corner, playing different items in home corner. Isla then sat down with one of the pots and a spoon and began mixing it all around. She then sat with the dolly and enjoyed a little tea party.

Landen, Daris and Valencia investigated the colourful sensory toys over at the table, pushing and manipulating each toy. While her friends were engaged in play Miss Mel Sat with her friends and named all the colours we could see. Landen also drove the fire engine all around the room.

It was time to clean up all our toys to our “clean up” song, wash our hands and sit down for our yummy morning tea. Today we enjoyed Apple cranberry and white bean crumble and fresh fruit.

After we cleaned up from morning tea, we found our hats and popped our sunscreen on and headed outside for a colour recognition activity. Using two baskets, one full of green balls and the other full of red balls with a piece of red and green paper to show our babies what colour ball should be placed in the basket.

We all sat down together on the mat. Our friends were overly excited and wanted to tip out all the balls. Miss Melinda asked all our friends one by one which basket they would put the balls in. Parker, Valencia, and Olivia did so well at this activity, you could see them looking at the ball and then at the green and red baskets and placing the correct coloured ball into the baskets. Winston and Bella happily threw the balls into any basket. Landen and Isla were busy exploring the yard during this activity.

Miss Mel and Miss Otavia have noticed that a lot of our friends have shown interest in the cars, truck, and fire engines in our room so today we took the car mat outside and all our transport toys. We also included the soft block ramps. The ramps were popular, we loved driving the cars and trucks down and up the ramps. Our friend Matthew joined us for the day. Miss Mel welcomed Matthew with lots of cuddles and soon Matthew joined in on the fun.

The slide, A frames, see-saw, prams, mower, and walker were also popular this morning. Isla enjoyed practicing her walking skills with the encouragement of her educators. Winston, Valencia, Parker, and Bella played together sharing laughter and fun as they took turns pushing each other in the pram.

It was time to clean up, wash our hands and sit down at the table for our Nachos. After we finished our lunch some of us enjoyed our bottles as we drifted off to sleep on our mattress to some soft relaxing music.

Our afternoon play was child led with some indoor / outdoor play with each friend following their interests

We have had a wonderful day in babies 3. We hope you all have a lovely night and we will see you all again very soon.

Apologies for no photos again today as we are experiencing technical issues once again. We have printed them out and they will be on the wall as you walk into our class room next to the daily program.

If you haven’t brought one in already, we would love a family photo for our family tree. As most of our babies are new to Babies 3 – this helps our babies with a sense of belonging

Miss Mel and Miss Otavia xxxx