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Hello Families, welcome to our day!

Before the beginning of our activities we received our friends from babies 02 at our room. We were playing with toys of our own choice and Charlie and Avery enjoyed a lot to take some photos with our toy cameras. After that Halle got here and joined us to the play. We also started a band today! Halle, Charlie and Miss Mel are the new rock stars with lots of music coming from our musical instruments.

A bit after we couldn`t wait for our morning tea, so we had some pretend fruits at the table. While we played miss Mel was telling us about the names and colours of the fruits and vegetables we were seeing.

When we were choosing our next fun activity, the doll`s corner was really popular. Charlie showed lots of sense of caring feeding the babies. And she called herself “Chacha”. Seems like a pretty nickname, doesn’t it?

For the real morning tea we had loaded veggies break muffins and some fruits. It was delicious.

This week is “International Mother language week”, and since we have a friend and a teacher that are Brazilians we learned some of theirs folklore children songs with a band called “Palavra cantada”, or “Singed word” in literal translation. Was such a special moment. Miss Vanessa played tambourine and sang for us. And even if we didn`t understand much, we danced and played along. Feels so good to have different cultures experiencing.

After that was playtime on the yard. After so many raining or hot days, we`re missing to go outside. So we spent lots of energy running around, playing with the toys, blocks and sandpit. We had a really cool sensorial activity with our friends from babies 2, and we splashed water, touched sand, leaf and bark while we tried different mixes. Charlie was so interested on the sand and bark, while Avery and Halle had more fun with the water. Lis preferred to enjoy her time building sand castles on the sand and Luna made a huge tower of blocks.

After that was bubbles time! Yay! We all love bubbles. But instead of just getting the bubbles we started to learn how to blow them. Charlie, Aver, Lis and Halle had heaps of fun with that.

The weather got to hot and we decided to go inside, but taking all our toys together. Was so fun! We could play our favorite games, but on our comfortable and pleasant room.

At lunch time we all eat everything! Of course we did, we had pizza! And also some vegetables, of course. Halle is the biggest peas lover ever. And guess who loves olives? Lis!

Now is resting time and we are read to take a big nap and recover our energies. We’ll have more fun at the afternoon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Vanessa xoxoxo