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Hello families,

Welcome to our Wednesday in babies 3.

Our morning began in Babies one. Peyton arrived and gave Mel big cuddles before investigating the musical instruments and the ring stacker. We welcomed Avery and Charlie.S next as we headed over to our room.

To help settle Charlie Mel brought inside the mower, a push toy, and a bike. Charlie loves being outside, and this morning was just too wet. Charlie began pointing to the mower and was soon mowing the lawn while exploring the room.  He stopped over at the table and began building a mower, he then joined his new friend Avery and they shared the musical instruments, making their own music with the xylophone, drum and tambourine.

We loved having a few outside toys inside to push around the room. Charlie pointed to his shoes, indicating to Miss Mel that he wanted them off. Liz was quick to to try them on, dancing around the room. Peyton also spent some time building towers as did Liz which is so good for their hand/eye coordination and fine motor.

Continuing on with Harmony Week celebrations Mel planned an activity with the fruit we used yesterday. Using sensory buckets, orange paint and mandarins. We sat at the table two at a time with Miss Mel. Mel showed her friends how to roll the mandarin around and around the tub to create amazing masterpieces.

Even though its so nice to see the sunshine, it was just too wet to go outside. Avery, Charlie, Liz and Peyton were enjoying exploring the room, so Mel brought the slide inside. It was so much fun, we shared giggles and laughter together as we took turns. Our animals even enjoyed a slide as did the dolls.

Thank you for a wonderful Wednesday babies.

See you all very Soon.

Love Miss Mel and Vanessa xxxx