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Welcome to our day in Babies 3,

We have had such a wonderful day. Only a small class today, Halle, Avery and Liz were our first little friends to arrive. We sat down and looked through books together before Avery and Halle spotted the blocks set up on the table. They sat together building towers. Liz pulled the toy plane around the room as she was exploring. Halle also spent time looking through the sensory blocks at all the different colours she could see.  Delilah arrived and headed straight over to home corner, cooking up a storm. Delilah loves placing the pots and pans in and out of the fridge.

Liz began pulling all the chairs out from the table. Miss Mel asked if she would like to line them up make our very own bus. Liz, Avery, Halle and Delilah all became very excited and helped Mel line the chairs up, they them grabbed all the dollies, they were going to line up on the bus too.  Mel played “Wheels on the bus” over the speaker we all did the actions together. Avery and Delilah loved moving the dolls around to different seats, it was so much fun!!

It was time for morning tea, Miss Mel first put our clean up song on and we all did our best to help pack away all our toys. We washed our hands and sat down waiting for our yummy morning tea. today we had loaded vegie breaky muffins and fresh fruit.

After we cleaned up it was time for a painting activity. Miss Mel mixed up some pink paint and using cotton balls we all had turns blobbing them over the paper. Liz was making a very special card for her daddy today as its his birthday, using her hands and feet. Halle watched on and began holding her foot high in the air, indication she too wanted her foot painted. Halle loved the cold wet sensation on her toes, it tickled!!! Avery preferred the paint brush over the cotton ball she didn’t like it sticking to her fingers. Delilah loved to continually dip hers into the paint saying “more, more”. We all made beautiful masterpieces!!

After our activity we enjoyed free play inside as it’s a wet rainy day, we engaged with so many toys, the dolls and home corner were very popular. Mel put on some baby dance music and we all enjoyed a boogie together sharing joy and laughter and making connections with one another.

We cleaned up ready for lunch and had a delicious Hawaiian Poke bowl. Miss Vanessa lowered the blinds and put on some soft relaxing music as we settled for a nice long nap to re set for this afternoon’s play.

As its very wet Miss Mel will bring a few activities in from outside to enjoy in our room.

Thank you, Liz, Halle, Avery and Delilah, for a fun filled day!!!

We will see you all very soon.

Miss Mel, Miss Lara and Miss Vanessa. xxxxxx