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Hello Families,

Welcome to our day in babies 3. It has been a very hot day today;

We spent a short time exploring our inside environment before morning tea.  Home corner and the dolls were very popular this morning as was the musical instruments.

We cleaned up our room to our clean up song, washed our hands and sat down to some yummy raisin toast and fresh fruit.

Miss Mel planned a few messy sensory experiences for our babies to explore today. We had a tub full of sand, bark and dinosaurs and the other tub was coloured rice, cups, and letters of the alphabet.  We put our sunscreen on, found our hats and headed outside nice and early before it got too hot. We all raced over excitedly to see what was in the tubs, all our babies went straight for the bright coloured one with the colourful rice and alphabet. Our friends from Babies 2 came out to join in the experience. We loved throwing, scooping, tossing, and investigating. It was lots of fun and we were all engaged in play. We then enjoyed a short play before Funky Feet arrived!!

Dancing time!!! Miss Jeni was back from Funky Feet for a dance lesson. We headed over to Babies 2 room. Today Miss Jeni brought lots of maracas, some colourful lights, hula hoops and lots more. We were all exploring and shaking the maraca and dancing, Halle took a little while to warm up however it wasn’t long before she showed us her dance moves…..It was so much fun!!!

We enjoyed some free play and continued the dancing vibe back in our room. Miss Milly put the Wiggles on!!!!

We have had a lovely day. Thankyou babies for exploring, dancing, and playing with us.

We wish all our families a fabulous weekend.

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Milly xxxxxxx