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Hello Families,

Happy Friday!!!!!

This morning we played in Babies’ 1 yard while we were waiting for all our friends to arrive. Halle, Liz and Avery enjoyed practicing their gross motor by climbing over the obstacle course. Augie joined in when he arrived and they started a game of crawling inside the cube, looking back out sharing laughter with their educators. The garbage truck arrived!!! We have mixed feelings about the truck, we are excited and want to watch however it needs to be at a distance, preferably behind the gate. Halle was happy to watch safely in the arms of Miss Mel. Augie yelled “big truck, big truck!!”  Halle kept repeating “bye bye”. Augie, Bella from babies’ 2 and Halle all joined hands and began shaking and laughing, it was so cute watching them interact together, building friendships.

Our little friend Camila arrived!! We were so happy to see you and glad you hear you had a very big sleep when you got home after you 1st day playing with us at kindy. This morning you were very cautious knowing mummy was going to leave  and stayed very close to mum at drop off. We spent the morning helping you feel safe and secure with lots and lots of cuddles with both Miss Vanessa and Miss Mel. We headed inside and you joined your friends for morning tea, you ate a little, but you were still unsure.

It was dancing time!!!! Yay!!! Funky Feet were here!! We all rushed over to join our friends in Babies 2 room. We had so much fun spinning and twirling around. Miss Jen brought maracas and hula hoops today and we loved exploring those!!! We are all beginning to know the actions of sleeping bunny too, its so adorable to watch and dance with you all!!! We came back over to our room and Avery wanted to continue dancing, she walked up to Mel and said “Shark, shark” wanting Mel to play Baby Shark. We all had a dance together before heading back outside.

Finding our hats we were ready to explore our yard. Miss Hansi brought outs some frozen coloured Ice for us to investigate. “cold” Augie said as he felt it with his fingers.

We came inside for lunch, cleaned up and washed our hands. Sitting at the table together Miss Mel sung some nursery rhymes while Miss Vanessa dished up our yummy lunch. We said goodbye to our friend Camila. You had a lovely second day here with us Camila, can’t wait to see you again next week!!

We then all laid on our beds, Mel lowered the binds and put on some soft Disney piano music as we drifted off to sleep.

Thank you all for a fantastic end of the week. Next week we will be celebrating Easter with lots of fun activities and craft experiences planned.

Have an amazing weekend, stay safe and well and we will see you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Vanessa. xoxox