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Good afternoon from Babies 3,

Today we welcomed Isaiah for his very first day with his new friends Indi, Millie, Poppy, Orion and Ivy.

We had a great time outside this morning learning how to walk and run with the lawn mowers, everyone is enjoying climbing on the seahorses and learning how to rock backwards and foreword, this is great for the children’s balance and spatial awareness.  It seems to be an activity that brings about lots of giggling indeed.

Indoor time, the children explored with yellow playdough and sang songs as they felt the texture of the playdough, we talked about the colour and Miss Jena sat with all the children and showed them how to use the toys. Alot of the time children follow what the teachers do rather than what is explained to them when it comes to activities so this is great role modeling.

Individually, Isiah loved to push the bikes and lawn mowers around, Indi loved going on the sea horse outside with Millie, they had such a good giggle together, Millie and Orion enjoyed watching the older children play soccer in the next yard over, they were both watching and giggling together, Poppy really enjoyed feeling the rain fall down on her and she heard the sound of a gecko and was very surprised, Ivy took an interest in the soccer as well, we will organise to extend on the interests of the children and organise ball games.

We hope you had a lovely day, we will see you soon, Miss Jena and Miss Dominique