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Hello, Babie3 families,

Our morning began inside with free play. Avery had a little tea party with the baby dolls, Peyton also jointed in, role playing by giving the dolls sips of tea. Augie walked over to book corner and found the animal puzzle; he sat and manipulated the shapes to fit into the correct spaces. Liz has had a fantastic day today, no tears and has settled in so well. Liz loved dancing to baby shark this morning, all her friends joined in and we all danced together. Delilah spent a lot of time in home corner, using her imagination and cooking up a storm. She loved placing the pot into the fridge and taking it back out again.

Miss Mel had two activities set up today, as we had a small class of 5 today, we all stayed together and sat around the table for some playdoh fun. We used blue and yellow playdoh. Miss Mel found some shape cutters, rollers, and scissors. Our babies were so engaged in this activity, they sat for a long-time squishing it through their fingers, rolling, and cutting out shapes with the playdoh. Liz loved using the scissors. Miss Mel rolled the playdoh into balls. Augie, Liz, Peyton, Delilah, and Avery kept saying “more, more”.

Once we were finished and cleaned up, we found our hats and put our sunscreen on and ventured outside. It’s very warm today so we didn’t stay out for too long.

We had a cute little baby corner set up with a highchair, prams, cots, and dolls for our babies to use their imagination and role play. Avery, Peyton, Liz and Delilah were so excited and brought some of our dolls from inside, out to push around the yard in the prams. Avery place her dolly into the highchair. Delilah hopped in a pram with her doll and Petyon began pushing them both around the yard, giggling. Augie pushed the lawn mower around the yard and had fun going up and down the slide…. weee!!!

Miss Mel brought some more bubbles in today so this afternoon if its cool enough we will head back out for bubble play.

Thank you a lovely day babies .See you all again very soon.

Miss Mel and miss Danica xxx