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Hello Babies 3 families,

Our morning started over in Babies 2 room. Luna was first to arrive with lots of cuddles from Miss Mel before she headed over to home corner. Avery and Augie had fun playing with the puzzles and the sensory bottles. Liz enjoyed pushing the cars around the room. Delilah arrived in time for our yummy morning tea. On our way to our room we all washed our hands. Sitting patiently at the table waiting for our jelly, yogurt and fresh fruit…yummy!!

After we packed away we were all very excited to head outside, Miss Mel had set up a city of towers with the soft blocks and we all couldn’t wait to rush out the door and knock it down. It was so much fun! We also spent lots of time in our new babies corner, playing with the dolls, prams and cots. Miss Jess brought out the bubble machine, we love bubbles and become very excited to chase them around the yard.

Just before lunch we all sat around the table and did some drawing with the crayons, we love swapping colours and squiggling all over our paper.

We have had a lovely Friday, wishing all our families and fun and safe weekend.

See you all very soon.

Miss Mel and Miss Jess