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Good afternoon families,

Our morning began over in babies 2 while we waited for all our friends to arrive. We welcomed Halle, Charlie, and Avery. Charlie began exploring home corner, Halle soon joined her playing with the pots and pans. Avery sat quietly with the rainbow book. Miss Mel asked Avery where the rainbow was and Avery pointed to the rainbow instantly, she was engaged with this book for quite some time. The baby dolls were also popular with Charlie and Halle, they were busy role playing, feeding and nursing their dollies to sleep.

August arrived and gave Mel lots of cuddles before we all headed outside to explore. Augie’s mum mentioned how much he is loving trucks and cars. Augie spotted the race car mat straight away and began pushing the dump truck back and forth across the mat.  Charlie, Avery, and Augie took turns on the seesaw and the slide. We also had lots of fun knocking down the soft blocks and riding the bikes around the yard.  Luna arrived in time for a little play inside as we were getting ready for our yummy morning tea.

We washed our hands, and all sat around the table together. Today we enjoyed delicious custard and fresh bananas. After we cleaned up it was time for group time! !

We are focusing on numbers this week, for group time Miss Melinda read our “My First Numbers” book, wow were we all excited. We all sat on the mat as Mel began to read, we all practiced counting together and reaching out to have a touch and feel the book. When we turned to the page with the seven banana’s Halle, Augie and Charlie yelled out “Nanas!!”.Luna sat closely to Mel, engaged the whole time, using her very best listening skills.  Once the story was finished we all had a touch and feel as it was a sensory felt book.

After our story we sang some nursery rhymes together. We sang “1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive”. “5 Little Ducks: “Row, Row” and “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” Charlie, Halle, Avery and Augie all did the actions along with Miss Mel and Miss Vanessa. Luna happily played as we were singing. There was lots of laughter and giggles shared with each other and their educators especially when we all joined hands for row row your boat.

We found our hats and put our sunscreen on for a play outside while Miss Vanessa had a special activity inside to practice our counting skills.  We taped cardboard tubes to the wall and using colourful pom pom balls one by one Avery, Charlie, Luna, Augie, and Halle sat with Miss Vanessa inside, demonstrating our hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills we all placed the pom pom balls into the tubes, practicing our counting skills at the same time as each pom pom fell into the basket.

Before we knew it, it was time for lunch. Miss Mel lowered the blinds and put on some soft relaxing music as we drifted off to sleep. Ready for the afternoons play. Miss Mel will bring the race car mat inside with the trucks and cars to extend on Augie’s interest.

Thank you for another wonderful day.

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Vanessa xxxx