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Good afternoon from all of us at Babies 3 classroom,

Today has been full of adventure, this morning we played outdoors building sandcastles in the sand pit, chasing bubbles, listening to The Wiggles nursery rhymes while we choose our favourite thing to do outdoors.

The children especially loved water play, as it was quite a warm morning, they had fun exploring how to wash the toy babies and bouncing balls in the water, giggling as it splashed everywhere.

We have been enjoying learning about different animals and the sounds they make, at group time today we sang to ‘Old MacDonald Had A Farm” and the children took a liking to putting the pieces to the farm animal puzzle in there correct spots, they make noises as the puzzle pieces go in, so the children find it more appealing and it helps them understand the sounds the animals make.

The milk bottles were an absolute favourite for many of the children, they were learning how to take the lids off and put them back on, which is great for their fine motor skills.

It’s been amazing seeing the children transition and grow so quickly, it’s such a pleasure for us to be a part of their lives.

We hope you had an amazing day as well, we would love to build a family tree with your children, when you get the chance could you please bring in a family photo to be added to the tree.

Thank you, Miss Jena and Miss Dominique