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Hello families, welcome Tuesday in Babies’ 3,

Today we welcomed Winston, Isla, Matthew, Valencia, Parker, Adeleine, Jhye and Bella with lots of cuddles as they settled for the morning.

Our morning began by exploring our outside environment. Jhye ran straight for the mower, his favourite outdoor toy, he began pushing it around the yard, cutting the grass. Jhye then decided to sit with his friends Isla, Adeleine and Parker on the mat and looked through books together. Parker was pointing to a bird she could see and said, “bird Mel”.  Parker was very cuddly this morning, snuggling up to Mel for big cuddles. Bella was over bouncing on the soft blocks; Mel began to sing the “everybody bouncing” song. It wasn’t long before her friends Adeleine, Parker and Valencia joined in, sharing giggles together as they bounced away. Winston sat himself in one of the prams, our friend Oscar from Babies’ 2 was pushing him around the yard. Winston then ventured over to sit on the mat, looking through books. Mel said loudly “where is Winny??” he hid behind a pillow. Mel found you!!! We did this a few times and it soon turned into a tickling game, we laughed as Winston rolled around on the mat. Isla joined in the game too. We laughed so much; it was lots of fun. Matthew arrived and enjoyed a cuddle before he sat over at the wheel, pretending to drive the car. His shoe came off and Matthew said very loudly “Oh No!! He then sat down and put it on all by himself. Matthew is very clever at putting his own shoes and socks on.

It was group time!! Miss Mel asked all her friends from Babies’ 2 and 3 to join her on the mat for a story. Bella, Parker, and Winston were the first ones over, eager to see what story Mel was going to read. Once Our friends were all sitting down and using their best listening ears Mel began to read. There were so many colourful fish Mel asked her friends what colour the fish were? Parker said “purple” well done parkie!! Valencia said “Orange” when Mel pointed to the orange fish. So clever Valencia. When Mel turned the page Bella yelled “shark!” yes Bella you are right Mel said. That is a big shark. We all had a turn at touching the fish at the end of the story.

Mel put the story away and asked her friends if they could count to five? Mel said one, Bella, Parker and Valencia said two and then we all said three together. Bella went on to say 4 and then was very excited holding up all five fingers screaming “five!!!” We counted did this a few times. The second time Matthew said two and Parker and Valencia also showed Mel they could count to five.

Mel then sung “If your happy and you know it” We all love doing the actions to this song and “Open shut them” We all blew the biggest loudest kiss at the end. Valencia and Bella sung with big voices along with Mel to “Wheels on the bus” great singing girls It was almost time for morning tea but we had one song left. “1, 2, 3, 4, 5 once I caught a fish alive” holding up our hands and practicing once again counting to five!!

We said goodbye to our Babie’s 2 friends and headed to sit by the door for our transition song. We are getting so good at saying our own names! Bella, Parker, Valencia all said their name before meeting Miss Otavia in the bathroom to assist them washing their hands. Even though Isla, Winston, Matthew, Jhye and Adeleine aren’t quite saying their name they all now point to themselves (which is what Parker, Bella and Valencia were doing initially) and they understand the concept of once their name is said they stand up and its their turn to go to wash their hands for morning tea. So proud of our babies!! We then all sat down at the table together to enjoy big drinks of water and  homemade beans on sourdough Turkish bread.

Once our tummies were full and we were all clean it was time to explore our room with toys of choice. Isla headed straight over to home corning, cooking up a storm and banging the utensils together. Isla then joined the dollies on the mat who were having a tea party. Parker picked up the plate and bottle and began feeding the doll sitting in the highchair. Valencia decided her dolly was very tired and needed a nap in the pillows. Bella handed Miss Mel one of the pretend ice cream..mm yummy thank you Bella. Bella pretended to eat hers too “yummy: she said. Winston and Matthew were busy over on the car mat, pushing them around. Parker and Jhye headed over to the dolls cradle to put their doll to sleep too. Adeleine sat making her own music with he piano and shaker.. Today we enjoyed  and have big drinks of water

Mel asked her friends if they would like some music while they played. Bella yelled “Baby Shark!” All our friends rushing over, and we all danced and did the actions to baby shark together. Parker requested “Sleeping Bunnies” nest. We all laid down, sleeping like the bunnies and then we all woke up, bouncing around the room. The next song was anothe4r favourite “Head, shoulders, knees and toes”. Mel continued to play nursery rhymes as our babies continued to explore their environment.

.Celebrating Father Day Today we were doing secret craft for our daddy’s / Granddad’s We sat with Miss Mel while our friends explored their outside environment. Shhhh it’s a secret but we had so much fun making it and can’t wait to give it to our daddy’s and Granddad’s!!

While some of our friends were working on secret Father’s Day business the rest of us ventured back outside. The slide was very popular Miss Mel showing us how to wait your turn for the slide and that it s not nice to push in when your friends have been waiting. With lots of encouragement we did well. Matthew and Winston rode the bikes around the yard together before Matthew joined Valencia over in the sandpit to do some digging. Jhye was playing with the digger, pushing it back and forth. Later Isla, Winston and Jhye were using their imaginations, pretending to drink from the coloured sensory bottles. We continued exploring until it was time to head inside, wash our hands, have some yummy lunch, today we had rainbow sushi bowls and salad and big drinks of water.

After we finished our lunch some of us enjoyed our bottles on the pillows before laying on our mattress, drifting off to sleep to some soft relaxing music.

Our afternoon play was child led with more outdoor experiences.

Thank you for a wonderful Tuesday babies, we will see you all again very soon.

PS: We are having trouble uploading photos today, They will be printed out and on the wall just next to Babie’s 3 door on the left hand side. 

Miss Melinda and Miss Otavia. xxxxx