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Hello families,

Welcome to Wednesday in babies 3. Charlie was our first little friend to arrive this morning. Miss Mel enjoyed lots of cuddles before Charlie began to explore the room. Charlie began role playing with the baby dolls, rocking them to sleep and brushing their hair, saying “shhhh, shhhh”. Mel and Charlie sat on the mat together and built some tall towers with the colourful Lego blocks. Augie arrived and joined us building, wow Augie you build such tall towers!!!. Mel sung the build it up song. Its always fun to knock our towers down too!!! Augie then ventured over to the car mat, pushing the tractor back and forth. Avery arrived and joined Augie. It wasn’t long before Charlie joined in too.

Delilah arrived in time for our yummy jelly and fresh fruit for morning tea. We all cleaned up and it was time for group time, reading our numbers book “Our first felt numbers” we all took turns looking through the book and pointing to all the different things we could see.

We then all sung nursery rhymes together. We sang “5 little ducks” 1,2.3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive” and “Five cheeky monkeys”.

We enjoyed some free drawing using textas and crayons. We love drawing!!!  Drawing helps our babies to develop their fine motor skills, e.g., grasping, holding, and eye-hand coordination, which then will allow them to be able to complete tasks such as writing, drawing, and buttoning.

It was dancing time. Miss Mel put on baby shark, Wheels on the bus and Head, shoulders, knees, and toes. We all did the actions together and we danced and shared giggles and amazing dance moves together.

It’s a wet rainy day today. Miss Mel set a few things up outside undercover, we only stayed out for a short time, but we enjoyed stretching our legs and having a little run around before lunch time. The slide was very popular, we are all learning to take turns going down the slide!! We are getting better at being patient as we watch our friends slide before its our turn again.

We came inside, tidied our room to our “clean up song” and washed our hands ready to sit down and enjoy our lunch. Miss Mel lowered the blinds and put on some soft music as we all layed down ready for a nice long nap.

Thank you babies for a wonderful Wednesday playing, exploring, building, dancing, and drawing with you.

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Vanessa. xxxxx