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Good afternoon from Babies Room 3,

Today we all enjoyed play time in the sandpit, feeling the texture of the sand and what different toys do and how they work, lots of trial and error happening as the children learn what works well for them.

The children have been exploring blowing bubbles by themselves, Millie and Poppy especially enjoyed practicing the bubble blowing and were very excited when the bubbles appeared.

Alia was testing her gross motor skills on the bike outside, doing her best to co-ordinate her feet alongside moving at the same time, when she fell off, she got straight back on and kept trying over and over again.

There’s so much interaction that is happening between the children and they learn and grow together, we are all learning to use gentle hands with one another and the children are really loving the songs that we are singing at group time. Old Macdonald is still the favourite at the moment, it really helps having the animal props as we all sing together.

Today, we had the buzzing bee join us for lunch time as the children transitioned to sitting down together and we all learnt to sing our names and then our friends names, this is great for the sense of self and the environment they are surrounded in, feeling safe and loved is very important.

We hope that you had a beautiful day today,

Miss Jena & Miss Dominique