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Hello Babies, 3 families,

Miss Melinda arrived just in time for morning tea this morning, we all walked excitedly over to our room. On the table Miss Mel had set up the play food and a few new toys, Peyton, August, Halle, and Liz couldn’t wait to sit down and investigate. Liz then walked over to where the dolls were set up on the mat and began to role play by feeding the dolly and also herself.

It was time for our yummy morning tea, today we enjoyed eggs, banana, and bread. Yum, Yum!! After we cleaned up Miss Mel handed out a few new books she had brought in. “The Dinosaur’s incredible spots”, “Colours” and “Play Hide and Seek with Tiger” we all sat down independently as Mel handed them and we were excited to look inside. Mel asked Liz what she could see. Liz pointed to the ducky and said “quack”, Augie roared like a tiger!! And Halle loved playing with the sensory cover of the dinosaur book, changing his spots. Delilah was engaged with the dolls, carrying one around with her as she explored. Peyton and Augie enjoyed time in home corner where Augie spotted his reflection, taking a closer look Augie pulled some funny faces at himself. Halle also enjoyed cooking up a storm in home corner.

Miss Mel and Miss Jess from Babies 2 headed outside to set up some exciting experiences in our outdoor environment. We set up a tower of soft blocks, a baby’s corner and water play with water, sand and bark with boats and spades and buckets. Our babies were enthusiastic as they watched from inside. We found our hats and we all put our sunscreen on and off we went, we raced out the door. We ran at the soft block towers and knocked them down before we were all curious to see what was in the blue sensory tub. There was lots of splashing, laughter, and fun by all. We love playing with all our friends in Babies 2.

Before we knew it, it was time to head back inside to wind down with a group time. Miss Steph had come for a visit and sat on the chair, all our friends sat on the mat and using their best concentration skills, we listened to Miss Steph read our new story “The Dinosaurs Incredible spots”. We then clean up for lunch. Miss Claudia lowered the blinds and put on some relaxing music to help us settle. Lunch was fish, rice and salad….Yummy!

It was time to rest our bodies for this afternoon’s activities.

We have had a lovely day today, thank you babies for exploring, splashing and have so much fun with us.

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda, Miss Claudia and Miss Steph xxxxx