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Good afternoon families.

Our morning began exploring our inside environment. Augie was as very busy boy, he is loving the car mat, trucks, and cars in the room. His favourite is the yellow tractor. Augie pulled the mattress down so he could drive the cars and trucks over it. Delilah investigated home corner before joining her friends Augie and Halle building towers with the colourful Lego blocks. Halle played with the mini piano, making her own music, Mel began to sing twinkle, twinkle little star, Halle looked at Mel, giggled and continued pressing the keys along to the song. Avery wasn’t very happy this morning and had lots of cuddles with Mel and Vanessa,

It was morning teatime, we helped clean up, washed our hands, and sat down at the table together. Today we enjoyed blueberry quinoa breakfast bars, watermelon, and apple.

After we cleaned up Miss Mel brought the chalk board inside. Delilah, Halle, and Augie were very excited, Mel handed out the chalk and wrote the numbers 1 – 5 on the board. Avery was ready to join in and also had a turn drawing.  As our friends expressed themselves through drawing, we practiced our counting.

We all then found our hats and headed outside for group time.  Miss Vanessa read the numbers book and we continued to practice our counting 1 through to 5. Halle would say 1, 2. Augie counted to 3, Delilah said “no 1, no 2, no 3, no 4” she skipped 5 and then said, “no 6!!” Avery repeated a few numbers after her educators, saying 1, 2, 3, 4. We are all becoming so clever with our counting!!!

After group time we explored the yard, miss Mel put on some music and we danced to “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. We all played a racing game. Miss Mel and Miss Vanessa would count to three and we would all run to the other side of the yard, giggling as we ran, it was so much fun!! Miss Mel then blew bubbles!! we love chasing the bubbles around the yard!! The see saw was very popular as was the slide and the climbing bridge. We also had fun splashing about in some puddles!!

It was time to clean up for lunch. Today we had Sweet Potato, lentil and spinach sausage rolls. We all loved them!!  Yum, yum!! After our tummies were full we all settled down for a nice long nap.

Thank you for a wonderful day.

See you all again very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Vanessa xxxxxx