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Hello Families,

Welcome to Tuesday in Babies 3. We hope all our families enjoyed a fun and safe long weekend.

Miss Mel is back!! I am so excited to be feeling better and back with my babies, I missed them all so much.

Our morning began exploring our outside environment. Augie, Avery, Peyton, and Halle were enjoying playing on the see saws. We are all still learning to take turns and share our toys, Mel encouraged sharing this morning as everyone wanted a turn. Augie and Halle yelling “mine, mine, mine!” Learning to share takes time however we always encourage and teach our babies to share with their friends.

There was lots of giggles and fun knocking down the soft blocks. The bikes were also very popular this morning, Augie and Liz spent lots of time using the strength in their legs as they practiced their gross motor while pushing along “beep, beep” Augie said, Liz smiling up at her educators. Charlie spent a lot of time with the dolls, patting them to sleep and nursing them. Valencia was hiding behind the easel and running out again, smiling and giggling at Miss Vanessa.

It was time to clean up our room, wash our hands and sit down for some morning tea, today we were having yummy pancakes!! Once we cleaned up it was time for our friends Avery, Peyton and Augie to enjoy some time over in toddlers. Today they will be sleeping over too, how exciting!!

Our newest little friends from Babies 2, Winston and Parker joined us for a play and for our special sensory activity. They will also be joining us today for a sleep over!!! We love having you play with us and we are enjoying building a strong connection with you both during your transition.

We spent some time exploring our room. The chalk board was popular, using the egg chalk and demonstrating their fine motor Avery, Peyton, Halle, Valencia and Luna all enjoyed drawing. Liz loved role playing in home corner, Charlie sat with the puzzles and Augie enjoyed looking through the coloured sensory blocks, “yellow” he said when Mel asked what colour he could see. Avery and Halle sat together on the floor with the shape sorter, taking turns placing the different shapes inside.

Today’s activity was a very special one. We are making something very special for our mummy’s. Today you will see a sneak preview of our wonderful artwork.

We all ventured outside, and Miss Vanessa took our friends in one by one to create our mother’s day pressies. We love exploring our yard!!!

Before we knew it, it was time to come back inside to clean up and have some lunch. Miss Vanessa closed the blinds and played some soft music as we all drifted off to sleep.

Thank you for a wonderful Tuesday.

See you all again very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Vanessa. xxxxx