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Good afternoon families,

We’ve had an amazing day here in Babies 3, it’s been a continuation of settling in our new environment, it’s been lovely meeting all of you as we kickstart the year together.

Today we enjoyed outdoor play with bubbles and bike riding, it was lovely to see some of the children starting to wave goodbye on drop off happily.

The children are starting to build beautiful bonds together already and we are taking the time to make sure each child is nurtured in the way they need for their transition into Babies 3.

There has been plenty of cuddles, songs, dancing, climbing and yummy healthy food. It’s nice to see our little community coming together, even after only 2 days.

Miss Mel is putting together our family tree, if you could please bring in any photos that you would like to add, this gives your children a sense of belonging and helps them to feel safe and secure, at any point of the day we can reconnect them with you through the family tree and photos.

We hope you have had a lovely day today too.

Miss Mel and Miss Dominique