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Hello families,

Welcome to Wednesday in Babies 3.

This week we are focusing on Animals and this morning Avery brought a toy cow in from home. Avery was so excited to show off her cow to all her friends.

Mel had set up an animal table for us to explore all the different animals. Liz picked up the Elephant and began making the action of the trunk with her had. Mel asked what noise a Tiger makes? Charlie responded with “Roar” Augie loved the sheep, holding it up to Mel saying “Baa, Baa” Peyton and Charlie looked through the animal books. We did some of the animal noises together as they turned each page. Halle enjoyed walking the animals around the green grass as we all make the animal noises together.

It was morning Teatime Yay!!! But first we needed to pack away all our toys. Our babies are doing so well with helping pack away too. As soon as Mel plays the clean-up song, they know what time it is. We all washed our hands and sat down at the table for morning tea…Augie saying, “morning tea, morning tea!”

The sun was out today!!! We were all very keen to explore outside. We found our hats and enjoyed chasing the bubbles around the yard, giggling. This led to some running races!! Liz placed the monkey into one of the prams and continued exploring as she pushed the monkey around the yard. We all took turns on the slide and see-saw too, it was great to enjoy some fresh air and stretch our legs!!

To extend on Avery’s interest bringing her toy cow into kindy we decided to make cow masks. We split our group into two and rotated between outside play and indoor craft.

Using paper plates and black paint we all dipped our fingers into the paint and made spots for our cows, we spoke about what sound a cow makes and all our friends said “Mooo!!” We can’t wait to play with our cow masks tomorrow!!!

We all then came back inside, washed our hands as Miss Vanessa lowered the blinds and put on some soft relaxing music for us to settle down for a nice long nap.

This afternoon we will head back outside as our babies have loved spending time out there today.

Thank you for a fun day babies!!!

See you all very soon.

Love Miss Melinda and Miss Vanessa xxxxx