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Hello families,

Welcome to Thursday in babies 3.

Our morning began exploring our room. Miss Vanessa  set up all our animal puzzles on the table. Augie and Halle  sat down and began using the trial-and-error method placing the pieces into the correct space. Miss Vanessa was asking what sound each animal made and they made the animal sounds together.

We continued to explore thy room with toys of choice. Avery spent time in home corner cooking up a storm. Augie was pushing the fire engine around the room. He enjoyed banging the drum too, great solo performance Augie!!  He also has been loving the baby dolls the last few days, picking them up very gentle and patting them saying “baby” Halle joined her friend Augie and they began feeding the babies in the highchair. It wasn’t long before Liz joined her friends too.

The pop-up toy was very popular this morning. All our friend gathered around as Miss Vanessa was showing them how to share the toy and take turns.

Our friend Peyton arrived in time for morning tea!! We all said Hi to our friend as she sat down with us at the table. Today we had banana bread and rock melon yum, yum. Once we cleaned up, we headed outside to explore the yard.

Continuing with this week’s focus on animals, today Miss Melinda planned a fun outdoor painting experience. Using brown paint and toy animals we made animal footprints. We had so many animals to see all their different footprints. There was a pig, a lion, a elephant, a cow, a hippopotamus, and a sheep to create different animal tracks!!

We enjoyed dipping the animals into the paint and making the animal noises while stomping and dancing them all over the paper. Mel kept repeating “dip, dip” as they were dipping the animal’s feet into the paint. Augie, Avery, Halle, Liz and Peyton mimicked Mel. Holding their animals up high and repeating “dip, dip” letting her know they needed more paint. It was a little messy but so much fun!        !

After our activity we cleaned up a little and continued to explore our outside environment they slide, see-saw and climbing the soft blocks was very popular this morning. Our babies are loving climbing!!  We then headed back inside to pack away our toys, wash our hands for our yummy lunch. Today we had handmade sausage rolls, one of our favourite lunches!!!!

It was then time to lower the blinds and lay down while Miss Mel played some soft relaxing music as we all drifted off to sleep.

Thank you for a wonderful Thursday babies’.

We will see you all very soon.

Love Miss Melinda and Miss Vanessa xxxxx