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Hello Babies, 3 families,

Welcome to Monday in Babies 3.

This morning before morning tea we were joined by our friends in Babies 1 and 2 for some free play. Liz, Halle and Avery sat building towers together with the wooden blocks and Augie was washing the fruit and vegetables in home corner before it was time to clean up to our “clean up song” and wash our hands ready for our yummy yogurt and fresh fruit.

Today we enjoyed another indoor/outdoor day with some fun activities planned. Outside we had the sandpit set up with lots of shovels and buckets for our babies to explore. We also had some fun water play with the red ducks, red representing valentines’ day. During the week Miss Mel has a variety of sensory and craft activities planned for valentine’s day and Chinese New Year. What a fun week a head!!

Halle, Charlie, Avery, and August loved splashing around in the water and watching the ducky’s float around the tub. It was perfect to cool off on such a warm day.

Delilah was engaged over in the sandpit, as was Avery. Filling their buckets with sand. Liz enjoyed climbing on the A Frames and building towers with the soft blocks. Luna arrived and was straight outside to explore in the sandpit. we have missed you Luna!!

Inside we had a playdoh activity, using the rollers and shape cutters we all took turns inside. We love manipulating the playdoh into different shapes, Miss Mel showed Charlie how to role hers into a sausage shape. Charlie held hers up and said “sausage”.

After we had all had a turn playing with the playdoh Miss Mel packed it up. It was time for group time outside with Babies 2. Miss Jess read the sensory book “That’s not my puppy” all the babies gathered round to touch the puppy’s fur, feeling the different texture. We are all still practicing our concentration and listening skills. As the year goes on our babies will become more familiar with group time as this becomes a predicted routine in our room.

Just before lunch time we had yoga class, a few of us were a little tired at this point however, Avery and August were very enthusiastic especially when looking at the sparkly snake.

We have had a fun Monday; we hope all our families enjoyed their weekend.

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Vanessa xxxxx