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Hello families, welcome to Tuesday in Babies 3.

Our morning began bright and early. Halle was the first of our little friends to arrive and give Mel lots of cuddles, keeping her very warm on this freezing cold morning. We headed over to Babies 2 Together while we waited for some more friends to arrive. . Halle asked Mel for “shark” indicating she would like Mel to play Baby Shark. We did the actions together, dancing and twirling around, it was a dance party for two!! Halle then explored home corner When Charlie arrived. Charlie walked in and said “Hi Mel’s”  We sat and did a puzzle together. Parker ran to Mel for cuddles this morning on arrival, giving her a big sqeeze.

Parkie said hello to all her friends then we headed over to our room. Charlie found her favourite doll and put her to bed, Liz investigated the sensory toys and home corner and Halle played with a new cash register that Mel brought into the room. We practiced our sharing skills this morning taking turns and sharing the new toy.

Luna, Adeleine, Winston and Valencia arrived. Luna had some toy eye glasses to show Mel, she was very proud of her glasses. Luna loved our new fine motor spinning toy and sat engaged at the table watching as the spun around and around. Valencia sat looking through some books, Winston was a little tired this morning after drifting off to sleep in the car. Mel enjoyed snuggles until Winston was happy to explore. He is loving the car mat and all the cars in the room. Adeleine was a little upset this morning on arrival however it didn’t last long and Adeleine was sharing smiles with her educators and role playing over in home corner which seems to be her favourite area of our room.

Once all our friends had arrived we enjoyed some dancing and did the actions together to “Head, shoulders, knees and toes”, “Sleeping bunnies” and “Wheels on the bus”. As soon as wheels on the bus began to play Halle started lining up the chairs, we all helped and sat on the bus together as we did the actions. The dollies and teddy even had a seat on the bus. Some of us then joined hands and we did the actions to “Ring a ring a Rosie” it was so cute watching our friends fall to the ground giggling, ready to do it all over again.  It was so much fun!!

It was time to practice our self help skills by cleaning up our room to the “clean up song” and  wash our hands ready to sit down for our morning tea.

Once morning tea was finished we all excitedly headed outside to find our hats. Continuing with our “Ocean Day” theme this week we once again enjoyed a sensory ocean experience today however we had blue coloured rice as the ocean along with scoops, sieve cups, spoons, funnels, sea animals and a book all about fish to read. Luna, Charlie, Halle, Winston, Adeleine, Liz, Parker and Valencia all gathered around the sensory bin to investigate the ocean, demonstrating their fine motor as they scooped, tossed and transferred the rice from the sensory bin into another tub, being very careful not to spill it.

After our activity we all enjoyed exploring our outside environment as we climbed, read books, pushed our babies in prams, stacked the soft blocks and mowed the lawn.

We were all getting very tired. We headed inside to clean up, wash our ands and enjoyed pizza and salad for lunch. Miss Vanessa closed the blinds and played some soft music as we all drifted off to sleep.

This afternoon we will head back outside for more exploring!!

Unfortunately we are still having issues uploading photos however pls check them out as you pick your little ones up today, they are located next to the daily program on the wall as you walk into the room on your right hand side. 

Thank you for a wonderful Tuesday Babies.

See you all very soon. xxx

Miss Melinda and Miss Vanessa ♥