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Hello Families,

Welcome to our Friday in Babies 3.

This morning we all rushed to the door to watch as the garbage truck arrived. Augie yelled “big truck, big truck!!” Avery following close behind excitedly repeating “truck, truck!!! Liz and Halle were keen to see the truck, but we are all happy watching from a safe distance away, not too close. Watching through the window was perfect. Halle was saying “wow, wow”! As the garbage man was leaving, we all said, “bye truck” We love watching every Friday morning!!

We cleaned up our room and washed our hands ready for morning tea. We get very exited when we see Miss Laura bring in our morning tea by cheering and yelling “morning tea, morning tea!” Our newest little friend Camila arrived just in time to join us. We all welcomed Camila with big smiles. Avery yelled out “Hi” Mel sat with Camila to help settle her into her learning environment. Mel played the wiggles as we were enjoying our homemade beans on Sourdough.

After we were all cleaned up we were  very excited to head outside. Mel planned a water play experience. As our focus has been on animals this week and the sounds each animal makes Mel thought our friends would love to wash the animals.

Using water, a little blue food colouring and face washers. Wow were we keen!! Rushing out the door so fast.  Augie, Liz, Avery, Luna and Halle all enjoyed splashing in the water and giving all the animals a nice clean. We particularly liked squeezing all the water out of the washers.

Our friends from Babies 2 were outside and joined in on the fun. We all spoke about the different animals we were washing and the sounds they make. Liz was holding the pig and looked up at Mel doing the piggy noise. It was lots of fun and nice to cool off as it was warm outside.

Miss Mel supported Camila as she was a little unsure at first, however by the end of the experience Camila was all hands in, splashing away and talking to all the animals.

After our activity we stayed outside and opened up the sandpit where we all had fun digging and making sandcastles. Climbing on the soft blocks was also very popular this morning. Mel brought the speaker outside and we all danced to the wiggles together. It was lots of fun dancing and sharing laughter together.

We cleaned up and were nice and dry ready for some lunch and a nice long nap. We all said bye to Camilla as we sat down. We cannot wait to see you again next week Camila, you had an amazing day!!! We are so proud of you!!

Laying on our beds Mel played some soft music as we all drifted off to sleep to recharge our batteries for this afternoons play.

Miss Mel is on annual leave next week and will miss all her babies very much, looking forward to seeing everyone on 19/4/21. ♥ ♥

Thank you for a fabulous Friday of fun, waterplay, learning and exploring our outside environment together.

See you all very soon.

♥ Miss Melinda and Miss Tatiana ♥