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Happy Friday from Babies Three rooms!

What a wonderful morning we all had at Babies 2 room. The children enjoyed free play, taking toys and play what they like to play with. Boys were taking turns on the bikes while girls were siting and going through the books. We read The very hungry caterpillar story where we counted each piece of fruit that caterpillar ate, we pointed at each of the fruit while we counted.

The children enjoyed to experience science play with colours and milk on the dish, then they all took cotton sticks that has been soaked in dishwashing liquid and dip into milk to see how all colours disappears outwards to the side of the dish. They watched how the magic happened with colours changing and moving slowly, swirling effects of colour. That was a fun!

Then we played outdoor on the see-saws, pushing trollies and obstacle course. Lincoln took two balls to play with in a tent, where Bella played too. They all laughed and giggled when they come out of the tent.

We had a beautiful day!

Love Miss Jelena xx