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What a great week we had, the children had so much fun in our open space yard the last couple of days that we haven’t had much time to do our favourite activity which is painting, that’s why we decided today to try something new. We took small spray bottles with paint and started spraying on the paper. Lincoln, Abel and Ivy had a first try but it was hard to them to reach the spray with their small hands, but that didn’t stopped us from enjoying painting. Miss Jena quickly got the paint brushes and all children enjoyed painting. Multitasking with brushes and jars at the same time they created beautiful art, some children used left arm some of them used right arm to hold painting brush. After painting our little friends went to the sand to play. Ariana pushed Abel in a pushing trollies making sure that he had his hat. Lincoln, Lara, Bella, Ivy, Abel and Orion take turns on the bikes lawn mowers and pushing trollies running around.

We then went inside to wash our hands and have a big drink of water before lunch and a well needed rest. this afternoon we will open up the doors for a choice of indoor outdoor play. Inside we have small blocks with colour windows, puzzles, books, doctor equipment and our new food for the kitchen.

thankyou babies three for a lovely week, see you next week.

love, Miss Jelena and Miss Talia