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Hello families, welcome to Friday in Babie’s 3,

Today we welcomed Isla, Daris, Valencia, Matthew, Jhye, Adeleine, Landen and Bella with lots of cuddles and smiles as we all settled in for the morning.

When Miss Mel arrived this morning her friends Adeleine, Isla, Bella and Landen were exploring the yard in Babies’ 1. Mel gave all her friends cuddles. Adeleine was happily playing with a dolly. Adeleine then began climbing the wooden stairs, Mel held Adeleine’s hand as she climbed up and over sharing big smiles with Mel. Bella was busy mowing the lawn and Landen was engaged in play with the bead maze. Mel encouraged Isla’s new skill of walking by holding her hand as we did laps walking around the yard together.

We headed inside when our friends Matthew, Valencia, Jhye and Daris arrived. Just in time to explore toys of interest.

Isla sat at the table and began manipulating the puzzle pieces to try to fit into the correct spaces, with a little encouragement from Mel and Adeleine sat with the sensory colour toy, pushing all the different buttons, Mel named each colour as Adeleine pressed each one.

Landen headed straight over to home corner where he began putting the play food into the sink. Daris and Matthew sat on the car mat, rolling the cars down the ramp in the car garage.

Just as we had began exploring Jen from Funky Feet arrived for our Friday dance lesson a little earlier than usual. We were very excited, and we all rushed over to join Babies 2. We all had so much fun spinning, twirling around the room to the music. Bella and Daris began dancing holding hands and Jen then spun Valencia and Bella around and around, it was lots of fun and we didn’t want to stop dancing but it was time to go back to our room for some yummy morning tea, today we had Chickpea, sweet potato and tahini muffins.

To extend on how much fun we were having dancing, after morning tea Mel played a few of our favourite songs. “Sleeping bunny” and “Baby Shark” on request by Bella and Valencia. We all did the actions together. We love laying down like sleeping bunnies. We shared lots of giggles and laughter together.

Our friends kept going to the door looking outside, wanting to explore the yard. We put our sunscreen on, found our hats and headed outside to explore. As it was a rainy day yesterday, we were very eager to play outside. Jhye and Landen were giggling as they took turns climbing up the slide and sliding headfirst!!! Mathew, Adeleine and Isla enjoyed climbing the wooden bridge. Daris placed the yellow ball into the wheelbarrow and pushed it around the yard, soon Bella decided to join her friend and they pushed the wheelbarrows around together. Matthew and Jhye also enjoyed playing with the diggers and Isla was enjoyed exploring the yard holding Mel’s hand, continuing practicing her walking skills.

We all ventured back inside, cleaned up, washed our hands, and sat down on the mat with Miss Otavia for group time. We started our group time singing some songs such as “head, shoulders, knees and toes”, “Twinkle, twinkle little star” and “If you are happy and you know”. Bella, Daris and Valencia joined singing and doing the actions with Miss Otavia. Isla, Jhye, Landen, Matthew and Adeleine were smiling and watching the other friends.

After we enjoyed some nursery rhymes, Miss Otavia chose a few books to read. She began reading “What’s in my truck?”. Landen, Daris, Valencia and Jhye were very curious to see what was inside the truck. We lifted the doors/flaps which revealed what was inside. We saw some animals, food, and tools. The next book was “Sound book First words”. Miss Otavia asked what we could see then she pressed the button to show the sound. We all had a turn pressing the buttons/sounds to match the pictures.

We headed over and sat down at the table together for our yummy lunch. Today we enjoyed Mexican Fajitas. After we finished our lunch some of us enjoyed our bottles as we drifted off to sleep on our mattress to some soft relaxing music.

Our afternoon play will be child led. Depending on the weather we will head outside. If its too cold and wet we will continue to explore our inside environment.

We would just like to say a fond farewell to our little friend Landen, we have loved having you as part of our Babies 3 family, we will miss you very much. We hope to see you and your family back with us in the near future.

Thank you for an amazing end to the week babies, We hope all our families have a fun and safe weekend.

We will see you all next week.

Miss Melinda and Miss Otavia. xxxxx