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Hello families, welcome to Friday in Babies 3.

This morning we only had a small group of three as some of our friends were enjoying a transition day in their rooms for new year.

Miss Melinda arrived after we had all enjoyed our yummy morning tea. After we cleaned up we did a variety of fun activities together. We stacked the soft blocks and knocked them back down again, giggling, sharing laughter together and we all demonstrated our fine motor and sharing skills as we took turn placing the rings on top of one another on the ring stacker.

Miss Mel then brought out the puzzles, we all sat together we used the trial and error method to manipulate the puzzle piece into the correct space, with lots of encouragement from Mel. We cheered every time we placed one correctly. Yay!!!! Our babies were so proud of themselves.

For group time today Miss Melinda brought our our Christmas books, we sat together and looked through a book each. looking at all the Christmas pictures and pointing to to presents and Santa. Mel then Read the Peppa Pig Christmas Book.

Our activity to day was Christmas painting ,using red paint and and paint brush to we painted Santa Claus. One by one we popped our art smocks on and began Painting. It was lots of fun, especially dipping our paint brushes into the paint.

We cleaned up and transitioned over to the table, grabbing our drink bottles and sitting down. While waiting Miss Mel sang a few nursery rhymes. After every nursery rhyme our babies cheered!!! you were all amazing and joined in the actions with Mel.

After lunch we made our beds and rested our bodies to recharge for the afternoons play.

Thank you for a wonderful day babies, wishing all our families a wonderful weekend.

See you all soon.

Miss Melinda xx