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Good afternoon babies 3 families,

This morning we enjoyed indoor play with our babies 2 friends. In their room we noticed the children were drawn to the transport activities. We then ventured to our room to continue play. Some friends enjoyed role play in home corner, others enjoyed our animals and transport activities. We also discussed our group activity for the day before morning tea. Before heading outside we had dancing with Miss Jen! It took the children a bit to feel comfortable but by the end everyone had joined in, this was so much fun!

Outside today we did a group sensory activity. Over night we froze our sea animals just enough so the middle wasn’t fully frozen and made bubbles on the inside. We talked about ways to melt the ice and discussed that the ice was cold. We also enjoyed climbing, rolling and throwing balls, sandpit play and riding bikes.

For morning tea today we had porridge and banana, lunch was yummy fish cakes with noodles and salad and after rest time we will have afternoon tea and a fun afternoon play.

Thankyou friends for a lovely Friday.
Love from Miss Leesa and Miss Talia