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Good afternoon Dear Families and Friends!

We started our morning with delicious morning tea, before we finished Miss Jenni arrived for a dancing class. Miss Jenni wait for children to finish their morning tea and they all start dancing. The children enjoyed dancing, and they love to shake pom-poms. Miss Jenni practiced to guess the colours with children and every time they are getting better and better guessing the colours. Miss Jenni said goodbye to our friends because she have to go to visit our toddlers. Children said bye bye Miss Jenni see you next Friday.

We all went outdoor for a play, where our friends had so much fun playing in the sand pit, pushing bikes and trollies, climbing obstacle courses and pushing lawn mowers. Just because we all were so busy with so many activities our morning play goes to fast and it was time for a yummy lunch. The children enjoyed their meal and soon after story time all went to their beds for a rest and sleep. Afternoon activities will be outdoors with our next door friends.

Thank you for a beautiful day friends! Hopefully the parents didn’t miss their coffee this morning!

Love Miss Talia, Miss Jess and Miss Jena xx