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Hello Families, welcome to Friday in Babies 3,

Our morning began in Babies 2. Miss Otavia welcomed Bella, Isla, Landen, Jhye, Adeleine and Daris. They enjoyed exploring the room together until Miss Mel arrived. Mel greeted all her friends with hugs and smiles. It was time to head over to our room.

As it is a wet rainy day today this morning Miss Otavia set up the car mats, tunnels, cars, trucks and fire engines and the big wooden ramp inside for our babies to continue to explore. We have been having so much fun the last few days using our imaginations and fine motor skills as we guide the cars down the ramp and through the tunnels.

We are so happy your back Adeleine we missed you!! You have had such a wonderful morning once you settled after drop off. You are beginning to  feeling a sense of belonging with your educators and your learning environment. This morning you spotted your family photo up on our family tree, pointing up with the most beautiful smile when Miss Mel said “there’s Adeleine and your mummies”. Jhye has also had a wonderful morning. We are so proud of you Jhye and have enjoyed getting to know you this past week and forming a connection.

Valencia arrived and joined her friends pushing the cars around the room and over the ramps. Miss Otavia brought the slide into the room for a short time, we practiced our sharing skills by taking turns and extending on our activity by watching the cars roll down the slide.

During play we all enjoyed some dancing together. Mel played “Baby shark and a few of our favourite wiggle songs. We all became very excited when Baby shark began to play.  There were lots of giggles, swirling and jumping around, showing off our best moves as we did the actions together.

After morning tea, we all followed our own interests, Isla and Daris spent time in home corner placing the toy food in and out of the fridge and placing assorted items into the shopping basket.

Matthew arrived for the day with big cuddles from his educators, once settled Matthew sat down over at the doll house, pulling all the figurines out to investigate

Isla, Bella, Jhye and Daris enjoyed some fine motor activities. Islas sat using her concentration and hand/eye coordination as she placed the rings onto the ring stacker. Bella sat with our spinning rings, carefully placing the on top and watching them spin around and around until reaching the bottom. Daris was engaged with the pop-up toy. He loved banging them down. With Mel’s encouragement Daris pressed the levers and buttons to pop them back up again

The rain had eased a little, so we spontaneously decided to stretch our legs outside over in Babies 1 yard with our friends from Babies 2. This yard is undercover so no chance of getting wet.  We love interacting with our friends in Babies 2. Jhye was a little unsure at first however once Babies 2 headed inside Jhye’s confidence began to shine as began climbing and exploring their yard.

We practiced our gross motor skills climbing the A Frames and pushing the prams around the yard and taking turns on the see saw.

Daris and Bella enjoyed chasing the large black ball around the yard and taking turns with the encouragement of Miss Otavia to pass the ball back and forth to one another.

Our photos will be displayed in our room as we are still having technical difficulties uploading them.

We have had a wonderful day with all our little friends today. We wish all our families a happy and safe weekend.

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Otavia. xxxx