Good afternoon Dear Families and Friends!

Welcome to Babies 3 room! Today is Floral day and we had a play with water bottles and red paint to make beautiful flowers, all children enjoyed this activity. Orion, Scarlett, Edward, Bella, Leiana and Ariana walked to the sand pit and they played with other friends. While they all played nicely in the sand pit Miss Jena set up inside play.

The children walked to the room and start playing with dolls house and little people, they mowed the furniture around dolls house to set up place for little people’s family. Edward and Orion mowed to the area where we had road map mat with trucks, diggers and cars and they played mowing the vehicles and making brmmm noise.

After some rest and sleep we will continued to play and enjoy our time with our friend Scarlett, we have to say Goodbye to Scarlett today, we will miss you beautiful girl!

Love Miss Otavia and Miss Jena xx