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Good Afternoon Dear Families and Friends!

It was very nice to see children dressed up in floral design this morning for our Floral Friday.

Orion, Leiana, Jackson and Mathias played in home corner pretending that they drinking a tea, when they finish they asked Jackson to pour some more tea saying “ta”. Boys moved to other side where animals are and roar like a tigers and lions, make noise like a pig and a cow. While they enjoyed their free play around the room Miss Jena set up painting and pinecones with green paint and everyone had a turn to paint their own pinecone, they look very nice and in the afternoon we will decorate pinecones with some pom-poms and that is going to be our little Christmas trees.

Miss Jenni arrived this morning and our little friends run to her to say “HI”, they were very happy to see her. First they did stretching on the floor before they start dancing. All children danced with Miss Jeni following her instructions. We listen and sang some Christmas songs while children enjoyed Christmas craft with Miss Talia, they decorated their Christmas Stockings and it looks so nice. While take turns to decorate their stockings Miss Jena bring large cartoon box and all our friends enjoyed drawing and scribble using crayons, that was so much fun! Now our friends are having sleep and rest to be able to enjoy our afternoon activities. We had a fantastic day.

Love Miss Talia and Miss Jena xx