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Good afternoon babies 3 families,

This morning we got a special delivery from Miss Nads! We were treated to a big red sensory box! The children had so much fun smoosh-ing strawberries on paper to create our ‘strawberry art’, they enjoyed eating ‘baby bell cheese’ and squishing it in their fingers, they loved to pretend draw with our red apples and paint with cut out potato and capsicum.

Inside we also loved our funky feet dance class with Miss Jen, reading books, role playing in home corner and playing in our animal area with Miss Emma.

Outside today we continued to explore our ‘red box’ of goods, there were red cups, wrapping paper to rip up, hair accessories and more! What a treat to play with so many new sensory activities. We also enjoyed bikes, lawn mowers, sandpit sensory play, obstacles and having a big run around.

Today we celebrated ‘Floral Friday’ and Daffodil Day. We all participated in an art experience using the very end of a celery stick and yellow paint to make a beautiful flower shape! Thankyou Miss Jena for showing us that today!

For morning tea today we had porridge and fresh fruit, lunch was fish cakes and salad and after a big much needed rest we will have afternoon tea and a big afternoon play.

Thankyou babies 3 for a wonderfully fun-filled day,
Love from Miss Jena and Miss Talia