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Hello families, welcome to Friday in Babies 3.

Liz was first to arrive this morning. Liz help Mel dress all the dollies. Our dolls had been washed over night after our painting activity yesterday. Liz enjoyed dressing them, Liz also gave the dollies a bottle. Adeleine and Halle were not far behind, they joined their friend Liz and began engaging in role play with the dolls and in home corner. Landen was our next little friend to arrive Landen looked through books, puzzles, and the pop-up toys. Landen is also loving the fire engine; he pushes it around while exploring.

Mel asked her friends if they would like some music. Halle and Liz yelled “shark!”. We began dancing and doing the actions together. Landen and Adeleine watched their friends dancing. Mel then played “wheels on the bus” Halle ran over to start lining up the chairs to create a bus for all her friends to sit down and join in together, as Halle places the chairs in the line Adeleine and Liz placed all our beautifully washed dollies onto the empty chairs and joined in with the fun. We also danced and did the actions to “head, shoulders, knees and toes” and “sleeping bunnies”.

Luna and Valencia arrived. Halle yelled “Luna” so happy to see her friends. Luna and Valencia sat down together on the cars mat and began engaging in play. It was time for our yummy morning tea but first it was clean up time. Halle, Liz, Luna, and Valencia showed their new friends how we pack away all our toys to the “clean up” song. We then washed our hands and sat down for our morning tea and big drinks of water.

Once we were cleaned up, we found our hats, put our sunscreen on and headed outside to explore. Adeleine loved playing with the baby dolls, pushing them around in the prams. Adeleine was very content outside and loved exploring the yard, she enjoyed climbing the bridge, the seesaw and spent some time in the sandpit with her new friends. Landen was very busy too with his lawn mower the joined his friend Adeleine on the bridge. Halle and Liz were very cheeky, climbing in our outdoor toy box and pulling out all the toys. Valencia and Luna loved digging in the sandpit too.

It was dance time!!!! Jen arrived from funky feet. We decided as it was such a beautiful day and our friends were enjoying their outside environment, today our dance lesson would be outside in the fresh air. Wow we all had so much fun dancing with the pom poms and the hula hoops, demonstrating our best moves.

Continuing to celebrate National Reconciliation Week and extending on yesterdays activity of dot painting our dolls, today we did face painting!!

Yesterday our babies enjoyed painting the dolls but also enjoyed expressing themselves by painting their own faces and bodies. Halle, Luna, Valencia along with some of our friends in babies 2 took turns while Miss Shae painted yellow, red and black dots on their face. Our friends then painted Miss Shae’s face, there were lots of giggles and laughter. Luna had a turn of painting her own face, wow Luna you are so clever!!

Aboriginal body painting orate and personal ornamentation is an ancient tradition which carries deep spiritual significance for the Australian Indigenous People. Their cultural rituals including body painting differ between Aboriginal Tribes and topographic location. It is related to spiritual matters and is very creative in character.

It was time to clean up for our yummy lunch, we washed our hands and helped Mel put out the beds. We all sat at the table together, Landen today wanted to sit with all his friends. So proud of you Landen!! You are settling in so well.

Mel lowered the blinds and played some relaxing music as we all drifted off for a nice long nap to r5e charge our batteries for this afternoon’s fun.

Miss Vanessa is away until Wednesday celebrating her birthday, we have miss Shae joining us till then. We love Miss Shae!!

Wishing all our families a wonderful and safe weekend.

See you all next week

Miss Melinda and Miss Shae. xxx ♥♥