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Hello families and happy Friday, welcome to our day in Babie’s 3,

Today we welcomed Isla, Bella, Jhye, Valencia and Matthew with big cuddles as they settled into their learning environment.

Our morning began over in the Babies 2 room while we waited for more friends to arrive. Isla arrived first with hug smiles and lots of warm cuddles for Miss Mel before exploring the room. Jhye arrived very confident this morning with a huge smile as he came through the door. He engaged in play straight away, picking up the magnifying glass and looking through it. Mel said she could see Jhye’s nose. Mel then held it up to her nose and asked Jhye where is my nose? Jhye then pointed to Mel’s nose. It soon turned into a game of peek a boo. Sharing lots of giggles and laughter together. Valencia arrived with a yummy cracker. She sat down while she finished eating and then sat over on the Mat when Bella arrived. They began playing with blocks together. Bella walked up to Valencia and said “here you go” as she passed her some blocks…..amazing sharing Bella. It was then time to head over to our room.

Rushing through the doors Jhye, Valencia and Bella rushed straight over to the dinosaur table, Jhye picked up a dinosaur and began roaring in a very loud voice. Bella was making her dinosaur stomp around the grass and trees. Valencia was also stomping a dinosaur through the grass, picking up the magnifying glass to have a closer look at her dinosaur. While her friends were over at the dinosaur table Isla was busy washing the dishes in home corner and making a very important phone call on the toy phone. Valencia and Bella then ventured over to the dolls, picking up the bottle, bowl and spoon and feeding the babies. Valencia then picked the dolly up off the bed and tucked her in on the floor, patting her dolly to sleep. While Bella was brushing her hair.  Isla joined her friends and began using her imagination by feeding one of the dolls a bottle. The doll house was popular this morning too. Isla and Jhye were engaged in play, moving all the doll furniture around and playing with the figurines. Matthew was busy over on the car mat, zooming the cars all around and down the ramps.

Bella requested sleeping bunnies, Jhye was so excited and came rushing over, dropping to the floor, pretending he was sleeping just like the bunnies in the song. We all did the actions together and hopped around like bunnies. Isla loves being more involved in dancing now she is steadier on her feet, she rolls around on the floor and jumps up sharing lots of giggles with her friends. Mel then played head, shoulders, knees, and toes. Bella, Jhye, Valencia and Matthew did all the, this is one of Mathews favourite songs, sharing lots of smiles as the went through touching his head, shoulder, knees, and toes. Matthew also touched his eyes, ears, mouth, and nose and was very proud of himself too.

It was time to pack away all our toys to the clean up song, wash our hands and sit down for our yummy sweet potato and tahini muffins and banana. After morning tea we all sat down on the mat for group time.

Today’s Group time was a little earlier than normal as we have a few activities planned for the day. Miss Jin sat on the mat with her friends Isla, Bella, Jhye, Matthew and Valencia and began reading a sensory book called Australian Animals. Our friends took turns touch and feeling the different textures of the animals. Bella yelled out “kangaroo!! And “shark!!” when she spotted them as Miss Jin turned the page,

Miss Jin then began singing to her friends “If your happy and you know it” Bella, Jhye, Matthew and Bella began clapping their hands to the song. Isla then joined in. We all then showed Miss Jin our stars and sang “Twinkle, twinkle little star” together. Miss Jin then sang “Baby Shark”.

Continuing with Early Learning Matter Week which raises awareness of the role of early childhood education and care in children’s development and wellbeing in Australia. High-quality education and care support young children to learn and thrive, in cooperation with parents, carers and the wider community.

Today our focus was Enclosing. Enclosing Schema Children show an interest in enclosed spaces. Constructing fences or barricades to enclose toy animals or themselves.

We have really enjoyed experiencing our Learning Matters experiences with our friends in Babies 2 this past week and today we joined once again. Miss Hansani and Miss Mel planned a farm sensory activity outside with farm animals, rice, sand, shredded paper, and fences set up on a sensory tray for our babies to explore. We all sat around the tray together very curious to what we could see.  Bella yelled out “Horse” Jhye picked the horse up and made the horsey sound “Nay” Valencia was holding the pig and Mel asked her what sound a pig makes Valencia responded “Oink Oink” Mel and all her friends did the piggy sound together. We explained that the farm fence was helping to keep the animals safe and to keep them inside that space. Matthew and Isla enjoyed the texture of the shredded paper. Isla was standing up and letting the paper fall and watched as it floated with the breeze to the ground. Matthew popped it on top of his head, looking at Mel with a cheeky smile. Jhye also played with the shredded paper.

National Tree Day began in 1996 and it has since been celebrated annually on the last Sunday of July. A spin off celebration now exists for schools and childcare centres called Schools Tree Day and is celebrated on the last Friday of July.

To celebrate Schools Tree Day, we had a very special visit from Miss Leah. Joining with Babies 2 we all sat together on the mat outside very excited as we watched Miss Leah set up. Miss Leah a huge branch from a tree, plants, water bottle to water the plants with, and stick insects to show us. Through song and toys Miss Leah explained to us how special trees are and they need to be watered to stay alive. She also explained bird droppings make great fertilizer which increases the nutrient level and water-holding capacity of soil. We did so well on the mat, using our very best listening skills. We were all memorised with Miss Leah and her story. Miss Leah brought us a very special plant and watering cans for us to use to water our plant every day. Thank you, Miss Leah!! We are all very excited to be looking after our very own plant. Jhye was fascinated when Miss Leah pulled out the stick insect, he had a very close look, pointing and watching as it crawled up the branch.

After our activities we had time to explore the yard. This morning Miss Mel extending on our interest of the balance beam activity yesterday by bringing it over into our yard and placing it on top of the closed sandpit with the soft fall mattresses underneath. We all spent most of our time climbing and jumping off the balance beam. Jhye loved jumping off, as soon as he was off he was right back up again. Valencia and Bella also practiced their gross motor as they climbed up and jumped off, giggling to one another. Matthew climbed up however he isn’t confident enough just yet to jump off, he was happy stepping off safely. Isla was busy pushing the walker around the yard and going up and down the slide. Soon her friends Matthew and Valencia joined Isla and we practiced taking turns. Matthew also enjoyed climbing across the wooden bridge with his friend Olive from Babies 2.

It was time to head back inside, wash our hands and sit down at the table for Mexican Fajita. One of our favourites!!

After we finished our lunch some of us enjoyed our bottles on the pillows before laying on our mattress, drifting off to sleep to some soft relaxing music

Our afternoon play was child led with outdoor experiences, including bubble play, extending on our babies interest yesterday. They loved chasing the bubbles around the yard reaching out to pop them.

Just a reminder re the parent hub which is located just outside our room with all our babies’ journals in the basket. Please feel free to take your child’s journal home at any time. All we ask is you fill in the date you take the journal and the date in which you return it. Thank you and enjoy. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to either myself or Miss Otavia.  😊

Wishing all our families a fun and safe weekend.

We will see you all next week.

Miss Melinda and Miss Jin. xxxxx