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Good afternoon Dear Families and Friends!

We had a such a nice morning that we started with dancing with Miss Jenni. The children love to dance and copy every movement that Miss Jenni do. They enjoyed to hop, spin around and clap their hands. Our class went quick but our friends want to dance more and we continued to dance and listen more music.

Today is day to wear red T-shirt for Daniel’s Day and some of our friends wear red today. We painted red T-shirt to honor the memory of Daniel and raise money to educate children and families to recognize signs of harm and children’s safety.

Miss Lara seat with the children and sing most popular nursery rhymes and it was so nice to see how all children get involved in singing all those beautiful songs. They clap their hands after each song being so proud that they did it so well.

Now our little friends are having sleep after delicious lunch. Afternoon activities we will do outdoors with our other friends.

Love Miss Talia, Miss Lara and Miss Jena xx