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Good afternoon from Babies three room!

We started our lovely day with our friends from Babies Two and Babies One playing outdoors and had so much fun. It is so nice to see Babies 3 children how gentle they are towards little babies. Millie and Lincoln were giving pats to the babies saying “Baby”.

Miss Steph took all children from Babies Three room to play outside after they all had a delicious morning tea. Lincoln, Millie and Lara were playing with pushing trollies, bikes and obstacle course. All children enjoyed free play outdoors and to get some of fresh air and some vitamin D.

Lincoln, Millie and Lara were doing painting using three different colours, pink, orange and green, we talked about each colour and they were able to recognise green and pink. Lincoln painted his Easter egg cup today as well, he chose green paint to decorate his Easter egg cup, looks lovely.

Lincoln and Millie were dancing after lunch time, they showed us very good movements. Well done Munchkins!

Story time: today we read two books that Millie and Lincoln chose “Max and Tallulah” and “I ‘Love You Now and Forever”, they all were sitting on the floor and listening the stories which become the every day routine after our lunch, children just walk to the shelf with books and chose one or more and seat on the floor ready to listen story.

After good sleep we will have more fun playing and dancing to share with our other friends who are decided to stay home. Hope everyone is healthy and happy with their families.

Love Miss Jelena xx