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Hello Families, welcome to Friday in Babies 3.

What a fun day we have all had today!! Our morning began in Babies 2 while we waited for our friends to arrive. Liz and Adeleline arrived first, happily exploring the room and engaging in play with our friends from Babie’s 2. Halle arrived with big cuddles for Miss Vanessa. We all then ventured over to our room where we played some bowling with our sensory bottles. Liz and Halle did so well at taking turns with the ball, very proud of you both, great sharing!!! Adeleine was happy with exploring our sensory colour and shape recognition toys, Miss Vanessa went through all the colours with Adeleine.

Valencia was here!!! It wasn’t long before she was settled and joined her friends in play. Valencia also spent time investigating the sensory toys. Liz spent most of her time in home corner wearing the oven mit and placing the pots in and out of the fridge.

It was time to pack away our toys, Mel played the “clean up” song. Halle’s face lit up as she instantly stood up and began helping her educators pack away. Luna, Liz and Valencia attempted to help too. Adeleine is still settling and becoming familar with our routine, Mel encouraged Adeleine and we put the blocks away together. We all washed our hands and sat down for morning tea. Adeleine was a little unsure at first but as we all had big sips of water Adeline joined in and had a big drink and was comfortable enough today to enjoy her morning tea with her friends.

Funky Feet time!!!!! We were all very excited to see Miss Jen!. Luna absolutely loved it!! jumping and twirling around to the music. Liz and Halle also had the best moves, we often caught them admiring themselves in the mirror. Valencia joined in a little but was happier watching. Adeleine also had times where she joined in showing us some dance moves, she also enjoyed watching Miss Jen and her friends. Adeleine walked over and sat with Mel on the cushions sharing giggles together as Mel tickled her tummy.

Extending on Liz arriving in style to kindy yesterday in her hot pink sunglasses, strutting through the door so proud of looking pretty special. Today Mel decided to have a dress up day with all our friends. We brought in the dress up clothes rack full of costumes for our friends to explore. Halle choose the skeleton outfit, Liz was beautiful Snow White, Adeleine was a work man in the bright orange vest and Luna was a Fireman. Valencia was a little unsure, not really feeling it today however she enjoyed looking through the Drs bag. Didn’t we love our reflections in the mirror!!!!! Smiling and pulling faces at our special costumes. We all swapped clothes and shared so many giggles together, Miss Vanessa even dressed up!! So much fun!!

Wow time sure does fly, it was already time to take off our dress ups and clean our room. Halle was wearing the snow white costume at this time and didn’t want to part with it, its too much fun being a princess!!! After we were all cleaned up Mel changed the music to some relaxing lullabies. As we sat down for lunch the blinds were lowered and the blinds closed while we finished our lunch and settled onto our beds. Miss Mel and Miss Vanessa patted us as we drifted off to sleep to recharged our batteries for this afternoon where we will explore our outside environment and bring out the bubbles!!

Thank you babies, we have had the best day, your giggles and joy as you engaged in role play and dance was so much fun. As some of our friends will begin to transition next week, today was extra special. Holding onto every moment as we will miss you all so very much!!! ♥♥

Our photos still are not uploading due to technical issues. We have printed them off (8 pages) for you to see as you pick your little ones up today. So many adorable pics!! They will up on our prep room door as you enter our room on the left hand side. xx

We hope you all have a happy and safe weekend.

See you all very soon.

♥♥♥ Miss Melinda and Miss Vanessa xxxxx ♥♥♥