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Happy Friday Dear Families and Friends!

Orion and Ivy were in a Babies One room this morning where they had an opportunity to draw with chalks on the big board. Bella took stacking circles to play with making colourful tower. Abel, Lara and Ivy played with number puzzles searching for each number. Lincoln took the shakers and drum and make some music for us. Miss Bea took the book and all children seat near her to listen the story. While Miss Bea was reading and making face expression Bella was so impressed that she tried to do the same face expression. Everyone were so quite and interested in a story.

Play outdoors is always fun, the children took the bikes and pushing trollies to play taking turns. Sand pit play with Miss Bea were so occupied for everyone, they used bucket and pour sand through the windmill watching how sand is going through.

This week we are learning about numbers, we have new display with all the numbers in our room where children can see and recognised each number. Number puzzles are around and children are enjoying to play with. The children used number stamps in our floor book, the page looks very colourful.

In the afternoon we will have more fun playing outdoors.

We wish to all Mums Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday! Hopefully your children will spoil you!

Love Miss Talia and Miss Jelena xx