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Hello Families,

Welcome to Friday in Babies 3. We have had such an amazing day today. Our morning began inside, Halle was first to arrive. Mel and Halle shared cuddles before Halle sat at the table where Miss Mel had set up some puzzles. Using her concentration and the trial and erro5r method Halle attempted to place the pieces in the correct spaces. We sat together and Mel encouraged Halle to keep trying.

Avery arrived and joined her friend Halle over at the table, choosing the police car puzzle Avery manipulated the large puzzle piece in and out again.

It was our new friend Liz’s first day in babies 3 today!! We are so excited to have you Liz. We shared lots of cuddles today to help you settle as you were a little overwhelmed however you had moments where you felt comfortable in the room to begin to explore. You loved the baby dolls and the pop up toy. you also enjoyed placing toys into the sink in home corner.

Augie has been loving home corner, cooking using the pots an pans and placing them in and out of he sink.  Avery, Halle, Liz and Delilah also enjoyed home corner today, using their imaginations while also admiring their own reflections in the mirrors.

Delilah, we shared many cuddles today, you were so content in your environment and freely explored. You loved the tambourine, shaking it all about you kept looking up at your educators with the most beautiful smile

Later in the morning Miss Dominique brought the see saw and a soft mat inside for our babies to enjoy. We all took turns, it was lots of fun.

After a morning tea we decided to take our babies outside as it wasn’t raining and was a much cooler day. We haven’t been able to go outside very often this week as its just been too hot. Wow were you all excited! The slide and bikes were very popular as was pushing the wagons around the yard. Delilah and Avery played a game of peek a boo too, it was the cutest!!

We came inside just before lunch to play our “clean up” song making sure our room was tidy before sitting down at the table, cleaning our hands, ready for some yummy lunch. Miss Mel and Miss Dom sang some of our fav nursery rhymes while we waited patiently.

After lunch we lowered the blinds and put on some soft relaxing music, ready to rest our bodies.

If weather permits we plan to go outside a little later for some bubble play as our babies have really been enjoying the bubbles. IF its too wet we will enjoy bubbles and continue to become more familiar with our new environment inside.

Thank you for a lovely Friday babies, we wish you and all our amazing families a fantastic weekend.

See you all very soon

Miss Melinda and Miss Dominique xxx