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Hello famlies, welcome to  friyay in Babies 3,

This morning Miss Mel and Miss Otavia welcomed Bella, Adeleine, Isla, Daris, Matthew and Jhye with lots of cuddles as they settled into their learning environment. We then headed over to our room once all our friends arrived. Valencia arrived after morning tea this morning.

Jyhe and Adeleine headed straight over to the table. Jyhe began placing the discs on the spinning toy, demonstrating his fine motor and hand/eye coordination. Adeleine began building a tower with the wooden blocks. Bella and Isla joined their friends Isla was stacking the rings on the ring stacker and Bella joined her friend Jyhe and they began taking turns with the spinning toy.

Matthew was over in home corner but first he had a phone call to make, he chatted away before doing some cooking in the kitchen. Isla joined her friend and began placing all the toy food into the sink.

Daris, Jhye and Matthew sat in book corner with books of choice, quietly looking through the pages. Daris spotted a lion and roared as he looked up at Mel. Adeleine, Bella and Daris began looking through the coloured sensory blocks, Mel asked what colour they could see, Bella said purple…almost Bella, it was red. We practiced naming the colour red as Mel pointed to different toys in our room that were red.  Matthew, Jhye and Bella also enjoyed playing on the car mat, watching as the cars rolled down the ramp.

Of course, there was dancing!! Bella asked for bunnies. “Sleeping Bunnies: it was. Matthew, Daris, Bella, Adeleine and Jhye all laid down on the floor pretending they were sleeping like bunnies. Jumping up when the bunnies woke up and we all hopped like bunnies together. We then played Baby shark before it was time for morning tea.

After morning tea, we enjoyed more dancing when Jen from Funky Feet arrived. We headed over to join our friends in Babies 2. We had so much fun jumping and twirling around. Our favourite song was “5 Little Bunnies” We loved doing the action when they fell off the bed. Isla was very tired and wanted lots of cuddles.

Today was our Babies’ Mini Olympics!!! We set up in Babies’ one yard as it looked like it might rain. Miss Mel put our Olympic rings up that we painted yesterday along all our home country flags to represent each one of us participating.  We had so many fun activities set up. There was Javelin with pool noodles, Ring tossing, Tug of war, Bowling, Bridge climb race, gymnastics and Shot put. We were all very excited. As we walked outside the Australian National Anthem was playing over the speaker.

Valencia and Matthew competed in a game of bowling, rolling the ball, and knocking over the pins. Then Valencia joined Bella for a game of Javelin., tossing it as far as they could. Valencia also enjoyed ring tossing. Next it was Adeleine, and Matthews turn to throw the Javelin. Adeleine kept trying to pass the javelin to Mel. Bella and Valencia also had a throw. Miss Shae showed Jyhe what to do over at the ring tossing event, once shown Jhye loved throwing the rings, Matthew was Jhye’s main competitor although Matthew preferred to eat the rings instead of throwing them. We know how much Daris loves balls. He was straight over to Shot put throwing them as far as he could. Adeleine was going to attempt the tug of war but changed her mind. Jhye and Daris also competed in javelin. Bella and Valencia also participated in the gymnastics, climbing over the beam.

Javelin turned into a fun game of peek a boo between Jhye and Miss Otavia, he was giggling as he peeked from behind the pole. Matthew also joined in the game, pulling the cutest faces at Mel. Isla was a little unsettled during our mini-Olympics and gave Mel lots of cuddles, she was very tired, rubbing her eyes. Isla did enter one event which was Shot put, throwing the balls as far as she could.

The main event was the bridge climb race between Bella, Daris and Valencia, Daris, doing about 4 laps. Our friend Daris was the winner!!! Not putting his ball down once either…..We are all winners and what an amazing fun morning we have had celebrating the Olympics all together with our friends in Babies one and two. Matthew even spotted his sister Mia over in the Toddlers yard and they enjoyed the cutest cuddles through the fence.

As Miss Otavia prepared our lunch, we all had some time to play over in our yard and the sandpit was the place to be, we love digging up the sand and filling up our buckets. We also took turns crawling through the tunnel.

Today is one of our favourite lunches, Mexican Fajitas. After we finished we laid down to enjoy our bottles as we drifted off to sleep on our mattress to some soft relaxing music.

Our afternoon play will be child led as we explore our outside environment, if weather permits.

Wow what an amazing day we have had today, we enjoyed our mini Olympics and we should all sleep very well tonight.

Wishing all our families a fun and safe weekend.

See you all next week.

Just a reminder that it’s CRAZY HAIR DAY on Monday 26th, we can not wait to see all the crazy hair styles and colours.

Miss Melinda and Miss Otavia. xxxxxx