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Hi there Babies 3 parents,

We hope you all had a lovely weekend, here in Babies 3 we are settling in nicely together.  Today we thought we would extend on what the childrens interests are, alot of the children absolutely love to feed the play babies bottles, to pat them to sleep, so we spent time today washing the babies outdoors.

This learning extension came from Charlie as we asked her when she was playing with the babies last week if she would like to wash them and she was very excited, plus the children all absolutely love to play in the water,

Thank you so much for taking the time to pack extra clothes as we tend to get dirty through our art play, water play and eating time.

Mr Pete our handy man was blowing the blower outside today and while he did that all the children especially Augie enjoyed watching Pete working and we talked about what he was doing.

We brought a bubble machine and some balls that are soft and light up and the children had fun today learning to sit down together and pass the ball to eachother, it was beautiful bonding time and also for them to learn to share toys with one another.

Teaching kindness and compassion and making sure everyone is receiving an equal amount of toys as there are lots of friends on a Monday.

It’s been a great day!

Miss Melinda and Miss Dominique