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Good Afternoon Babies 3! Happy Monday!

Outside today we seen the big diggers and trucks! Lincoln, Poppy, Indy, Tobias, Orion and Millie we very excited! “truck!” “digger” some of the children were saying whilst pointing to them. Everyone loved standing by the fence watching the workers, trucks and diggers for a while!

Inside we had an activity set up for the children. This activity was about colours and shapes. The children had piece of paper with different shapes on in, all in different colours. They also had cut out versions of the shapes to match them and stick them on top. Using the glue stick the children stuck the shapes on. They all did so well at identifying what shape and colour was the same! Well done Babies 3!

We all ate lots today! We had a very YUMMY lunch, all the children had 2nds and 3rds!

We are ready for a fun week with you all!!

Miss Jelena and Miss T’arn x